Over 50 Cats found in Ohio Hoarding Situation

Pet hoarding has become a well-known problem that animal shelters and different authorities have to deal with on a regular basis. No matter what the details are surrounding a cat hoarding situation, the outcomes are often grizzly for a number of the cats, and the ones who are rescued typically go through tough times themselves. One case of hoarding that was discovered by the Angels for Animals in Columbiana County in Canfield Ohio, was reported on by Canfield’s WKBN.

The news channel reported more than 50 cats in a home where the owner apparently meant well, but their situation had simply just gotten out of control with the cats and they became very overwhelmed. Cases like this are often seen with the elderly. They don’t mean to be cruel or mistreat their animals, but they simply don’t know what to do, or who to ask for help.

According to the Angels for Animals agency, these particular cats had not been spayed or neutered, which meant that they were able to breed and multiple until there was an problem with overpopulation. The agency now has twenty-one of the cats, and the remainder were scheduled to be removed from the home in East Liverpool in days to come.

The agency has put some of the cats up for adoption and they are currently accepting donations to help pay for their care. They are all in need of being spayed and neutered, and some will need medical treatment, due to malnourishment. The kennel’s manager, Cassidy Piskorick has said that a lot of the kittens will need to be fostered out first, in order to get socialization before they are able to be adopted out. Most of the cats are lacking in socialization skills, which is a critical component on any animal being adoptable.

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