People are Giving Their Cats Pedicures and Vets Aren’t Happy About It

As the saying goes, that over time, owners and their pets start to look alike, there is a new trend that is actually making this a true statement. The trend is with cats and their nails. Cat owners have started to give their cats “peticures,” which is where they are fancying up their nails to match their own nails. It’s important to take note that they are not using real nail polish that humans would use, that would be very dangerous, as nail polish is toxic to pets. Instead, these are glue-ons that you can purchase and glue to your cats claws. There are endless choices, from sparkles to all kinds of nail art. Owners are then taking pictures of their matching nails and posting them on their Instagram and other social media accounts.

It may seem cute to have a matching set of nails with your beloved cat, however, professionals in the animal medical profession, such as Susie Nee who is head nurse of the nationwide chain, The Vet, says this is a terrible idea and practice. According Nee, it is very dangerous for cats to not be able to use their claws and may wind up causing other medical issues. This can be especially hard on male cats who tend to get very stressed when they can’t perform their natural behaviors.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has said that they recently treated a cat whose red claw covers got permanently glued to the claws. According to The Times, the cat had to be put under general anesthesia to have the caps removed.

Lindsey Quinlan, head of The Cattery, said that this is a very dangerous practice and that what is disturbing is how easily the caps are able to be purchased online. She says that she highly disagrees with the trend and does not recommend that people do this to their cats. She went on to explain how cruel it is to do this to cats, as it prevents them from acting in their natural behavior and can put them into major distress.

People love to pamper their pets, and pampering is fine until it becomes a danger to their well-being. When it comes to your pets, pampering should only be done when it is something that they enjoy, isn’t dangerous, or puts their quality of life or health at risk. Nail painting for cats definitely does not fall into that category and animal and pet professionals are hoping that it won’t take too much purrr-suasion to get cat owners to listen and forgo the nail painting trend.


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