Sphynx Cat’s Knobby Knees Are Officially Internet Viral

Cat videos have always been popular. Who can resist these cuddly, cute, and unique creatures doing the things that only they do? Can a dog play the piano? We think not. Don’t get us wrong, dogs have their place in our hearts as well. But, there is just something about cats that makes it impossible to ignore their cute faces. But, who is the cutest of all? That’s a question that can cause some debate. But, we daresay this title belongs to a sphynx cat by the name of Arlo. In our opinion, he is the new sheriff of Cat Town.

Arlo is the Bees… Ahem… Knees

Thanks to his hypnotizing looks and distinctive knees, the Dark Lord (as he is also known) has captured the heart of the internet. In fact, he went viral just a couple weeks after his latest video was posted. He reached almost a million views in just seven days. Admittedly, he doesn’t do much in this video. But, when you’re royalty, it doesn’t take much to make your presence shine. There’s something about Arlo that, once you start watching him, you just can’t stop. There is no looking away until the video is over either. His eyes will draw you in and before you know it, you just spent hours watching the same video over and over again.

Why the whole world loves him

So, why is this one-year-old feline such a social media phenom? In truth, the answer is actually pretty simple. His knees are very distinctive simply because they let him sit on things. It’s crazy how flexible his knees are. It’s definitely not a common trait for his species. One of his videos is the Dark Lord sitting on top of the refrigerator with a for a thoughtful look on his face. We don’t know why it’s so hypnotizing but, it really is!

Maybe it’s because Arlo’s knees make him look somewhat human. It’s a cool trait, it’s a little creepy as well. But, in his videos, he appears to be very calm, like he is simply hanging out. So, we don’t have to worry about any thoughts of world domination at this point. That we know of Something else that makes Arlo special is his breed. He is a sphynx, a type of hairless cat. Even though images of the Egyptian Sphynx may pop up in your mind when you think Arlo, it’s important to note that they are decidedly not the same thing. Arlo’s breed didn’t appear for the first time until 1975.


More about Sphynx cats

Sphynx cats have quite a unique appearance. But, although they seem bald, they do have some hair. It’s not weird at all to pet them. To hear their owners tell it, their skin is warm and soft to the touch. They are also known for being chatterboxes. It’s common for them to ”talk” talk to their owners using a series of whine, squeaks, and chirps. So, it’s entirely possible that Arlo’s owner knows what she’s talking about when she nicknamed her pet The Dark Lord. But, this is entirely up for debate. Some say sphynx cats are not as evil as they appear. In fact, unlike normal cats, this breed doesn’t like to be alone. They are known to be playful and affectionate, they even like sitting on laps. The unusual level of attention that they give their loved ones is why so many of their owners are completely obsessed with them.

Where you can see him

Arlo has his own Instagram account where he is constantly entertaining his followers with his antics. Antics as in staring at the camera as if it is beneath him. This account has a ton of videos and pictures of Arlo showing why he is indeed the Sheriff of Cat Town. So, if you haven’t visited yet, do so immediately. He also has a Facebook page, if you want to check that out as well. It invites you to be his peasant and watch him run his kingdom. Someone, we’re thinking the owner, has a great sense of humor and is well aware that their cat is rare indeed.

The Bottom Line

Most of the class of the internet are cute as pie. But cuteness pales in comparison to the unique, hairless, and completely condescending looks of Arlo the sphynx. His distinctive knees have helped him take the Internet by storm. What else would you expect from The Dark Lord?

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