Cat Mistaken for Mouse Grows Up to Be Black Cat

Bruce Cat 1

When cats are adopted, especially after enduring sickness or abuse in the past, their owners will often express joy at how they transform. It is not uncommon for a cat who is withdrawn or even aggressive to become loving and carefree after being adopted by a compassionate family. However, some cats experience a more tangible transformation.

Such was the case of Bruce, a cat from Auckland, New Zealand. Bruce has experienced incredible popularity on social media since his owner has brought his story to light. The cat was not only able to become happy and playful after being adopted, but his entire appearance changed as well. For this reason, he is named after Bruce Wayne, a fellow orphan who overcame difficult beginnings to become strong and confident.

Bruce, today, is unrecognizable from how he appeared in his youth. When he was first discovered in 2015, he was soaking wet, gray, and tiny. In fact, the woman who found Bruce initially thought that he was a mouse. After inspecting the poor animal, she found that he was a poor shivering kitten. She brought the newborn Bruce home to care for him.

The coming weeks were filled with a great deal of care, worry, and many trips to the vet. Bruce was in dire straits, and it was unclear whether or not he would even survive. Luckily, through the care of his new family and his own indomitable spirit, Bruce managed to persevere.

Bruce Cat 2

This is when Bruce began to literally change. As he grew and became healthy, Bruce’s gray fur began to darken as black spots emerged around his face. Eventually, his entire body became black. Further, even his eyes changed color. While they began as blue, Bruce now has gorgeous green eyes.

While one can point to the love and care of his adopted mother as the cause of his transformation, this is only partly true. The biological reason for his new appearance is something called fever coat. This is a condition that causes kittens to be born without any pigmentation in their fur. It is likely that Bruce’s mother was very sick when she was pregnant with him, resulting in his early gray appearance. Today, with plentiful food, exercise, and care, Bruce’s natural coloring has emerged.

In addition to his new physical appearance, Bruce’s entire life has completely transformed. While he was once alone and close to death, today he is a playful family member. In fact, he overcome an early adjustment period to become close friends with Jager, another cat.

Bruce Cat 3

Bruce’s story is a very interesting tale of transformation. However, it is also an inspiring journey that reveals how much of an impact compassion can have. If Bruce had not been found and brought home, it is unlikely that he would be here today. Through the devotion and love of his family, this cat has gone from being mistaken for a mouse to being a strong and healthy black cat. His story serves as a reminder that caring for animals is a sure way to bring greater love and happiness into the world. With a fighting spirit and some assistance for others, Bruce has shown that even the harshest conditions can be overcome.

Images via Bruce the Kitten

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