Adorable Cat Works Out With Mommy Every Day

Exercising Cat

Are you a workout enthusiast? Perhaps you love exercising whenever you can. What about the furred members of your family? You might not be familiar with this, but training your pets to work out has many health and social benefits. A video that went viral on Instagram a few days ago shows an adorable cat working out with its mother in the morning. The human mother is seen jogging, and the cat named Madison is running on an exercise wheel next to her. Madison and the mother are working out in what appears to be a routine as she seems to understand the assignment pretty well and needs no one to remind her about anything. The video was posted on an Instagram page known as The Two Crazy Cat Ladies, which has over 35000 followers. In less than a week, the video attracted more than 80000 likes and has been reposted severally. The video was captioned, “Morning Routine,” showing that it’s normal for the duo to work out together every morning; no wonder Madison seems to be enjoying the exercise. Many cat parents were motivated by the video following their comments. Someone commented, “I might be inclined to work out if the cats would do it with me, but nooo they are lazy.” Another one said, “Healthy kitty, healthy human.”

Cat Exercise and Its Benefits

Even though pet exercise has always been there, many people find Madison’s way of practice funny. Pet walking and playing are common ways of exercising furred family members. However, Madison and the mum show another way to keep your babies fit. But is this not too much for the poor baby? Absolutely no. In this video, the cat seems to be enjoying every bit of the move she’s making. In fact, it seems to be competing with its owner and doing better than her.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Exercise?

You all know domestic cats are the best snoozers and loungers, right? But don’t you think they need to get themselves a little busy? As a cat parent, you should ensure your baby gets enough exercise to boost its physical health. Some of the benefits your cat reaps from exercising include:

Body Weight Maintenance

According to Dr. McDaniels of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, obesity is the most common challenge among the domestic. She said 50 percent of domestic cats in various clinics nowadays are overweight or obese. If you’re keen to subdue your kitty to exercise, this challenge is avoidable.

Keeping Depression at Bay

Like humans, cats can also suffer from depression. If your baby is experiencing physical health challenges, unable to jump to its favorite spot, or needs help doing anything, it’ll probably suffer depression. To keep it in perfect health, you should ensure it engages even in the simplest form of exercise.

Strengthening the Bond Between You and Your Four-Legged Friend.

The best way to bond with your cat is through exercise. Playing around or jogging with your cat-like what Madison’s mother is doing with her, is perfect for bonding. Constantly develop fun activities to engage with your cat to strengthen your bond.

The Best Exercise for Your Cat

For dogs, taking them for a walk is a no-brainer exercise and works well with them. When it comes to cats, you know how they like to lie comfortably on the couch for the whole day. Getting them active is a big challenge, especially for older cats. Madison’s way of working out is interesting. While not all cats will like the idea, starting small can get them out of their lazy sleep. Find out some of the ways to get your feline friend active.

Cat Tower

A multi-tiered cat tower can be an excellent way to keep your cat busy. Even though a cat can hardly respond to your requests to play, it turns out to be the most playful pet you expect once you manage to get it out. Cat towers sold in pet stores give the cat sufficient space to play, climbing up and down. Placing treats in some areas on the tier will encourage the cat to climb up and down even more, thus, doing a good exercise for your cat; try it out.

Place Several Toys Around Your Cat

If you’re yet to notice, cats keep it to themselves, unlike more outgoing dogs. Placing plenty of toys around them keeps them busy. Giving them many toy options will see them run up and down, chasing the toys in the whole space. Talking of toys, these should not be expensive. Instead, everyday household items can work magic for them.

Treadmill or Wheel

As you see in the video, Madison is busy running on a wheel. It must have taken the mother some time to get her here, though. But believe me, you can get yours here too. The best time to train them on this is when they are young. Do you know that a cat can run as far as 30 miles in an hour? Yes. But train them small. Entice them with toys at a young age, and they’ll slowly make it a routine, and your cat will work out like the adorable Madison. Ensure to supervise them on a treadmill for safety.

Take Them Outside

It can be challenging to walk your cat on a leash, but you can still train them like a dog. If your four-legged baby can withstand harness and lead, walking with them outside is another great way to make them exercise. Do you want to see your furry baby work out like Madison? Keep training them, and they will perfect the game. Starting small is what you need to do. Unlike dogs, cats may take longer to adapt to routines, but they eventually do. Just be a little more patient with them.

Congratulations to Madison’s Mommy

Madison’s mother deserves credit for the adorable baby. As you’ve seen, training a cat calls for some patience. As seen in the video, the cat seems to have perfected the art. It must have taken the mother time to bring out the best in her cat, which is why she deserves credit.

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