The Most Adorable Munchkin Cat Breeds


Munchkin cats are an interesting breed. They are known for their very short legs, which is the result of a genetic abnormality that causes the legs of these adorable little cats not to grow the size that they should typically be in any other breed. While very cute, these cats are known for some very prevalent health issues that plague most of the breed.

When you have a cat that stands on legs not quite large enough or proportionate to support the body of the cat, there are a number of concerns. One is that the joints suffer significantly, and these cats often need far more medical care than other breeds. For this reason, many cat owners choose to forgo a relationship with this particular cat.

It comes at a price that is often not affordable to all owners, and others simply do not want the stress of owning an animal that could become very ill and suffer – and potentially not live very long. However, there are others that adore the breed and want nothing more than to call a munchkin their own.

Not the Same as the Teacup

Munchkin cats are not the same as the teacup variety. Tea cup animals are correctly proportioned in that their bodies are sized correctly for the size of their small legs. Munchkins, on the other hand, are normal sized cats with very small legs.

It is this reason that they suffer from joint issues and even spinal concerns. Imagine being you, a fully grown adult, with legs the size of your 3-year-old self. It wouldn’t work out too well, right?

That’s exactly what the munchkin faces, and that’s why owners must be very careful to keep their cats from attempting jumps off of furniture and high spaces – this is one of the leading causes of injury to this specific breed.

And despite the fact that his breed has serious health concerns thanks to its short legs, breeders are working hard to create other munchkin breeds that combine both this cat and favorite cats of others.

This opens up an entirely new market for cat owners and potential breeders as designer animals are now all the rage. And while we do adore a munchkin, always proceed with the utmost caution when shopping for a munchkin breed as they must be bred in the healthiest and most upfront manner to ensure the best possible health. That said, we have some munchkin mixes that are going to make you say, “Awww.”



This is a very popular breed, and it’s exceptionally pretty. To create this mixed breed, breeders bring together a munchkin and a Persian, and this is the result. It’s gorgeous, and it’s in high demand.

Breeders everywhere are working fervently to keep up with the demand for this darling cats, but cats can only do so much. Waiting lists are often longer than most breeders could ever imagine, which is a nice guarantee for future litters and future business.



What do you get when you cross a munchkin with a Selkirk Rex? No, this is not a hilarious joke that will have you in stitches. You get a lambkin. This adorable cat is so cute you won’t be able to deny an instant attraction and desire to have one of your own, but it’s also the kind of cat that is not that easy to find.

Most people prefer to have their cats either free and cute straight from the shelter or the neighbor’s litter, or the prefer a very high-end purebred cat. However, the demand for these cats is growing, though not quite in record-breaking numbers.



This is a cat breed that’ll either make you love it or cause you move on. Let’s be honest; not everyone loves the Sphynx. It’s a gorgeous cat with a very unique look, but there are people who are a little bit freak out at the thought of owning a cat that has such a fine layer of hair that it appears – and is known as – hairless.

This cat is so cute, but not everyone agrees with that sentiment. So imagine mixing a cat with the shortest legs imaginable with a cat that has no hair and very distinct features; it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.



Have you heard, yet, of the LaPerm? It’s a very pretty cat that makes you think immediately of the early 90s and the late 80s with its very curly hair that almost makes it look like it headed straight to the salon for an awesome perm. But what you get with a Snookum is a tiny, curly, permed cat with munchkin legs. It’s seriously cute, and it’s the kind of cat that certainly gets attention. Anytime you have guests, there will be quite a bit of attention paid directly to the cat.



This is another mixed breed that not everyone is going to find as cute as we do. In fact, it’s basically a minskin mixed with an American Curl so that it has the very curled and adorable ears that this breed is known for sporting. It’s hairless and small, and it has short legs. It’s an interesting looking cat that might turn some off, but there is something so wrong about this particular mixed breed that it’s just as right as can be. Perhaps I have a secret love affair for awkward animals, I don’t know.



If you skip the entire mating process of the Sphynx in the Dwelf creation process, you’ll end up with a Kinkalow. The Kinkalow is a munchkin and an American Curl. It’s sweet and adorable. It looks just like a munchkin cat with the added sweet feature of the curled ears that the American Curl made famous. This cat is very sweet, it’s not overly exotic looking, and it has a very sweet temperament and disposition. It’s the kind of cat that will love to spend quality time with you, and it might follow you around the house with love and the desire for attention.

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  1. I might be weird but I don’t believe in making a little creature that has an abnormality into a “breed” that people will pay money for. It is just wrong. Those kittens have and will have all sorts of health issues and will end up in a shelter somewhere. Yes, they are very cute but they are an abnormality being marketed, they are not an actual breed.

    1. How do you think “Wiener” dogs came about? OR any pure bred, for that matter. It was abnormalities they used to breed. DUH…………….

    2. The breed came about as a natural occurring mutation unlike so many of the “man-made” breeds. As to health, I have owned several Munchkins over the last 20 years and have experienced no more health problems in them as I have on any other breed of cat I owned. My 16 year old female is still going strong.

  2. I agree with Babette, this is wrong, wrong, wrong no matter how darling they seem. I took in an elderly Munchkin that needed a home, and, yes, she was cute and fun to hold, but I couldn’t stop thinking what a travesty it was to deliberately breed a structurally unsound cat body. I hate to see this bad practice encouraged.

  3. This is so dam wrong,this breed was purposely genetically mutated and the woman who did this should be ashamed of herself,these cats later on will suffer for it,they cannot jump,if let outside by accident and gets attacked it will die,arthritis will ensue eventually,so dam wrong!

  4. They are all beautiful, as are all animals, but I must agree with babette. There are so many animals who need homes or just safety from harm that breeding is not desirable.

  5. Why would a reputable breeder want to breed in a mutant gene that makes
    the animal suffer? $$$$$$$$$$$$$ It should be against the law and I hope
    it will be some day!

  6. What a miserable species we are that so many of us think that deformed is cute. Too many of our breeds of cats and dogs are merely caricatures of their species who suffer from the deformities we imposed on them. But who cares if they are ‘cute’? sicko’s

    1. I know that more of these little cats are showing up in shelters because people don’t realize the health & safety issues that the cats have.

      1. I too am proudly owned by two Munchkins that I rescued. That was 11 yrs ago! Now, I feel I am somewhat of an authority on the breed and they are not a ‘man made” breed. This genetic mutation is representative of any other animal breed…ever heard of the Doxen (weiner dog)? Identical concept. There is nothing cruel being passed through the breed. My two were adults when I brought them home and my domestic cat can’t hold a candle to their climbing, jumping and navigating abilities. Oh, did I mention they are very intelligent?

        1. It’s a genetic mutation that would not allow this animal to survive without humans. It is wrong to continue to breed this mutation and I cannot understand why anyone would think it is not abusive.

        1. People don’t dump valuable kittens at shelters. They dump the adult cats that have more issues than the person is willing to pay for. Just because Munchkins look like kittens for most of their lives, that doesn’t mean they are kittens.

    2. I know they have a genetic defect that makes their legs too short for them to survive naturally. Sort of like the brains of their owners.

  7. There are millions of “adorable” cats who are euthanized in shelters every year, while irresponsible breeders are purposely producing frankenstein-animals with unnatural qualities which negatively affect the animals’ health. well-being and quality of life. Not to mention the morons, lacking in compassion, who pay money for these poor creatures.

  8. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should….creating cats with short legs does not benefit anyone but breeders and encourages other breeding that detracts from the health of cats. It is just sad that anyone who pretends to be a cat lover would support this activity.

  9. This is sad that we are breeding dwarfism into these cats and that they will have other health issues. I still don’t understand why humans do things like this. There are many dogs out there like french bulldog that have been breed their looks but they have to have C-sections to be born and have breathing issues. Why create the same thing in cats?

  10. Breeding animals that look “cute” but suffer serious health concerns is just plain immoral. I love cats; I have six of them and could not imagine buying an animal that was created to have significant genetic problems. People who buy these “creatures” are just selfish and incredibly self-absorbed. If you want a cat, get a normal one. They will bring you plenty of wonderful and delightful companionship.

  11. @disqus_XjzqjK9mjk:disqus I’m with you. Let’s not take cats down the same road that causes many dog “breeds” to suffer lifelong maladies. It’s inhumane.

  12. This is disgusting. These cats are so deformed (thanks to humans taking a deformity and breeding it) that they can’t even play like a cat. I hate how people manipulate animals and create “freaks.” My friend’s Himalayan’s nose was so turned in (beyond flat) it died because it could not breathe.

  13. ugh–whats with people wanting to have tiny ”adorable” things? my german shepherd earns his keep, just get a stuffed animal if you have to cuddle something.

    1. cats are made for cuddling. Not the deformed cats, but cats in general. my dog is my hiking partner, that is how he earns his keep. My cats are there to be cute cuddle buddies. Perfect house pets. Now people who have dogs as strictly house pets I find something wrong with. Plus it’s cruel to the dog.

  14. what’s wrong with “normal cats”? You only love cats that have deformed legs? All the cats being euthanized in shelters are not good enough for you? They are not cute enough? I love cats. I think cats are the most magnificent creatures. I love them for who they are. They are perfect in my eyes and no special breeding can make them better. The cats in shelters are just as cute and beautiful if not more so than a cat bred for specific deformities.

    1. No, no, no. My dear friend is a vet & since I moved to the country on a farm it was just a given that I would home the cats dropped off @ his practice. I’ve taken in pregnant ones, three legged ones, some that required insulin injections twice a day, one needing breathing treatments…only 2 were Munchkins. Just saying they are healthy and they were rescues too. Still have my fave…my one eyed rescue. Don’t condone designer breeds and immediately had the 2 Munchkins spayed after vaccinations. My vet pal comes out once a month to vaccinate, flea treat etc. my outdoor cats. I thank God i’ve been fortunate career wise to afford the financial demands that come with this labor of love. I am who local shelters call when they face euthenasia. Not sure exactly how or when I turned my property into a rescue for cats & mini goats…adore all these creatures and most days can’t wait to get home and be with them.

  15. although I think most of comments already discussed all this, it’s bad enough we have so many deformed dogs, now people want to make deformed cats for no other reason than for their entertainment. (many dogs original deformities had original purpose however an English bulldog now these days is completely useless due to the lack of breathing). I love cats, they are perfect the way they are. If you think the perfect cat needs tweaking to make it more special you do not love cats. And especially if you think these cats are better than the normal cats being euthanized in shelters, you need to have your head examined.

  16. My kittens sell for $2,000 a piece and I have had not one person call me to say they’ve had a problem,so why not breed what people want if there are 1,000 cats at the pound that people don’t want then I shouldn’t breed does that make any sense? No!!

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