Amazing Story of Kindness Comes from Supra Owner and His Cat

Not every hero wears a cape, like the amazing story of kindness coming from a Supra owner and his cat reveals. Imagine your cat getting fatally ill, and you don’t have enough money to cover the vet bills. Some people would have the feline put down, but one man who goes by the name “Leiz” decided the life of his cat was worth more than his 1989 Toyota Supra. The selfless act that Leiz showed by selling his prized possession led to him finding a Good Samaritan who was willing to go above and beyond to help Leiz. Here’s the story that proves one good deed deserves another.

Choosing Between Cat and Car

In 1994, Leiz bought a 1989 Toyota Supra that his friend, who studied in the United States, brought back to Japan. The car is an LHD model, and instead of the trademark sports roof, it has a custom ASC roof. The car’s mileage is currently over 104,390 miles, and given the modifications, it would go for $12,400. For nearly three decades, Leiz owned and drove the car and never dreamed of selling it. Unfortunately, something happened that would have Leiz facing the difficult choice of selling his car.

According to Japanese Nostalgic Car, Leiz had no intention of selling the car until his cat, Silk, was diagnosed with FIP(Feline Infectious Peritonitis). The condition is potentially fatal and expensive to treat, and with Silk being a member of Leiz’s family, there was no question about it; his beloved Supra had to go for the sake of Silk. So Leiz went to the Yahoo! Japan auction page and explained his reason for putting up the vehicle for sale. Since Silk’s vet bill was $24,438, Leiz listed the car for that exact amount.

Finding a Buyer

One person, Yuto, a 26-year-old Twitter user, saw the listed auction and posted it on his social media account. He even started a crowdfunding page for Leiz, and the post went viral with 32,000 retweets. Leiz could not believe how people could care for someone they barely knew, so as messages of encouragement and questions were left on the auction’s page, he did not mind answering each one of them. Still, no one had offered to buy it from Leiz, and the ending date of the auction had finally arrived.

Luckily, on May 15, 2021, the ending date of the auction, someone contacted Leiz. Masakoba, an Osaka resident, was interested in the vehicle and wanted to look at it. Masakoba said that as long as the car was in good condition, he would buy it immediately and pay the hefty sum. A similar model of the car was listed for half the price. Yet, it did not have any bids, but Masakoba had his reasons for choosing Leiz’s car. He was a cat owner and knew what Leiz was going through hence his willingness to help. Therefore, even when Leiz offered a discount due to the imperfections on the Supra, Masakoba declined. Instead, he gave Leiz an additional $920 to cover the vet expenses. However, that was only the beginning of the much that Masakoba was willing to do for the stranger.

Leiz Can Get Back His Supra

Leiz must have thought that an angel had fallen on earth, but he was yet to get the best news relating to the sale. Masakoba did not even plan on driving the car; he had seen the imperfections and wanted to restore the Supra to its former glory. The buyer planned on shielding the vehicle from further damage so he would build a temperature-controlled garage on the construction office property he owned. There, the car would be protected from harsh elements and ensure the paintwork would remain intact. Masakoba said he intended to clean up the Supra then store it as a decoration until Leiz could repurchase it.

According to Autobala, the buyer told Leiz to think of him as a friend who liked the same cars as Leiz. Masakoba wanted Leiz to focus on paying the medical bills for Silk, and once the bills were settled, he could buy the car from him at the exact price that he had sold it. It was a loan, but the lender was not asking for interest. Instead, he had discounted the loan considering the additional $920 he gave to Leiz and the out-of-pocket expenses to restore the Supra. As if that was not enough, Masakoba even offered Leiz the chance to be visiting the property whenever he missed the car and take it for a spin.

Vet Bills Can Put You in Debt

Peter Rugg, the owner of a dog named Oscar, could not imagine that his furry friend was about to die. According to Vox, Rugg had observed Oscar stop eating and had tried getting him to feed through anti-nausea meds. When Oscar finally licked his bowl clean, Rugg was optimistic, only to see his dog collapse on the floor. A quick visit to the vet revealed the canine had spleen cancer and had few hours to live. The vet also said it could be benign growth, so Rugg leaned on the better news and took Oscar to various specialists.

Rugg would get Oscar to vet offices for night monitoring for two days, and the costs were relatively high. Within those couple of days, Oscar’s vet bills had accumulated to $5,316, but he had taken up pet insurance; if he had not, he would have paid $3,000 more. Without that kind of money lying around, chances of you running to financial lending institutions for a loan are high. Without paying for the treatment first, in most medical facilities, they will not attend to your dog. As a result, most pet owners will rack up lots of debt even on credit cards for their pets; hence, pet insurance is always advisable.

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