Family Finds Missing Cat Nearly 2 Weeks after Car Accident


We’ve all heard stories at one time or another about animals who find their way home against all odds. Dogs and cats often seem to have a homing device or something that helps them get back to where they belong no matter what they have to go through to get there. On the other hand, sometimes it is the kindness of a complete stranger that reunites a family and a beloved pet. We thank heaven every day for people like that.

In one such story, a seven-year-old cat was riding in a minivan with her whole family. This story is particularly sad because the family was in the process of moving to a new home, so the family dog named Irene was also traveling with them. The cat’s name is Cleopatra and she is a Russian Blue.

Suddenly, a traffic accident changed everything for the Egan family on that awful November moving day. As often happens when a dog isn’t strapped in while riding in a car, Irene ran away from the frightening crash only to be struck by another vehicle and killed. Sadly, since little Cleo had become a missing cat, the family assumed that she lost her life, too.

Now, the distraught Egan family was mourning both Cleo and Irene. Their little ones, ages one, three, and five, were so heartbroken to have lost both their beloved dog and their precious cat. What a sad Christmas without their two pets running around their new house and making them all feel so happy. Anyone who has ever lost a pet can relate to that feeling of emptiness without them.

However, twelve days after the day that a tragic accident changed their lives, a call from a stranger who lived 375 miles away changed everything for the better for this young family. Cleo was alive and well, they were told. Thanks to the collar that she was wearing when the kindly stranger discovered her in a barn, the Egan family had been easy to locate. And, this wonderful stranger even drove Cleo back home in spite of the vast distance.

Christmas was a lot happier for the Egan clan with their beautiful blue kitty Cleo back in their arms again. Some people might just call this occurrence luck, but we think it was a Chrismas miracle. And, so do the Egans and their three happy kids. The Christmas season is about love and togetherness and now they’re all together, including Cleo who couldn’t be happier. She misses Irene and the way they used to chase each other around the house and lay in front of the fireplace, snuggling to keep each other warm on a cold winter night. But these days, she sleeps on the kids’ beds, taking turns on each one’s bed during the cold winter months, snuggling up with them to keep warm. She’s just so happy to be back and they’re all thrilled to have her back home.

This missing cat story is a good reminder to secure your pets when taking them anywhere in the car. Whether in a pet carrier or a pet harness, it could save a life. And, those little lives are very precious. So, stories such as this one are also a reminder to hug your pets every day because each day with them is truly a gift.

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