Badly Burned Cat Recovers and Reunites with Family that Lost Home

The catastrophic wildfires that are burning across the state of California are leaving a wake of death and destruction in their paths. Some who were fortunate enough to escape a grim fate have found themselves homeless, and many injured. The same is true for many of the animals who live in the state. With all of the pain and suffering, a heartwarming story has emerged from the tragic circumstances. Here is the touching retelling of Bubs’ brush with death, and the good that has come out of a horrific time in his life. Bubs is a male kitten who lived happily with his family when the fire consumed their home in Monterey County. He’s a kitten and he was with his family when word came that it was time to evacuate. There was no advance warning given. The circumstances had gotten out of control and the fire was coming toward the house. As the family was placing their kittens in a pet carrier for evacuation, Bubs became frightened and ran off. The family could not find him. There was no time to search and they had to flee or lose their lives.

Help was on the way

The Monterey County SPCA and California Rescue can be credited for finding Bubs along with another cat, in a van that had been badly burned in the Carmel Fire. They were both alive, but Bubs sustained burns on all four of his paws. He was taken in for treatment and responded well to the care.

Family member found with Bubs

When the rescue workers approached the van they saw that there were two cats in the burned van. In addition to finding Bubs, they also found the family’s second cat named Mango. Thankfully, Mango had no injuries and he was recovered from the van at the same time that Bubs was rescued. There was a third cat in the area, but when he saw the rescuers he ran away and they couldn’t catch him. The status of his physical condition was not known at the time. The two lucky cats were taken to the shelter for care and treatment after their ordeal and near brush with death.

Finding Bubs’ family

The SPCA reported that the kitten would need constant care to treat his burns, and they provided a fostering service for the family. Bubs received antibiotics, pain medication and other appropriate care. The owners were located quickly and they were informed that the kitten was being cared for by the SPCA. They had lost their entire home but were happy by this great news.

A family reunited

It’s been reported that Bubs has been reunited with his family and his owners are so happy to have him back. After the threat of the fire had passed, the family returned to what was left of their home. They didn’t have a house, but they were looking for their third cat who was named Grizzly. With Bubs safely under the care of the SPCA, and Mango safe, they feared the worst for the cat who was not recovered. They were relieved to find Grizzly, and to discover that the injuries he received in the wildfire that consumed their home were only minor. As of this time, Bubs has made his recovery and he is reported to be in good health. The cute little black kitten is back home with his family. He joins his human pet parents along with Mango and Grizzly.

Inspiration for helping out

If it had not been for the SPCA and the Rescue team who were out there searching for victims in need of help after the fire, this story might have ended very differently. Bub’s story is one of the happier versions of the present reality. Many loving pet parents do their best to get their fur babies out of harm’s way, but sometimes circumstances crate impossible situations like what happened with Bubs. Some others who, for one reason or another leave their pets behind to fend for themselves. The SPCA is rendering an invaluable service for dogs, cats, and their families. If not for their efforts there would be much more pain and suffering with no remedy available.

It’s important to realize how valuable these professionals are in our society. Along with the firefighters, the first responders, the Red Cross and other emergency aid workers, those who are concerned with the needs of our pets deserve a round of applause for being there when the chips are down. This is one of many incidents that have taken place, and are still happening throughout the western states including California, Oregon, and Washington state, where fires are burning out of control. They’re one of the most valuable resources our pets have.


Bub’s story has touched many lives as it’s being retold. He’s doing well and back home, and this is a story that ended as well as possible. Although losing a home is tragic and traumatic, in time, things can be replaced. People and pets cannot. Amidst a constant stream of bad news stories online and on the television, it’s nice to get a break from the distress and heartbreak we see unfolding and to hear something positive and uplifting. Bub’s rescue just reinforces that there are people out there who really care and are in the trenches fighting to help in the best way that they know how. It takes all of us to use our talents, skills, gifts, financial help, or in some cases, to physically be there to put out the fires. Even though the events that are taking place in the world are truly terrible and gut-wrenching, this also gives us all the opportunity to see humanity at its very best. Stories of this level of compassion and willingness to help are all around us, but we don’t always hear about them.

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