The Balinese Cat is One of The Smartest of All Feline Breeds


One of the most majestic of all cat breeds is the Balinese Cat.  These sapphire-blue eyed cats have something magical about them which have many people attracted to this breed over the years.  While being very similar to the Siamese in appearance, these cats have a medium length coat that is very silky to the touch. Not a large animal, the Balinese Cat will only reach up to 10 pounds. But what makes these animals stand out from the rest is probably its personality and intelligence.

Often considered as one of the most intelligent cat breeds, these animals have been known to open doors, turn on light switches and perform other amazing acts.  These animals love to be involved in a game of fetch and will play for hours without tiring.  Many people who own these cats have taught them how to do tricks such as jump through hoops, stand on their hind legs and beg for a treat.  But all this intelligent if left idle will cause these animals to get into a lot of trouble.  If left alone too long without enrichment these felines will plunder through your things and they have even been caught going through the refrigerator.

When it comes to a loving and loyal breed you won’t find one more affectionate towards their owner like this breed.  If you are planning on owning one of these animals be warned that your bed is no longer going to be just yours.  These felines love to sleep right next to you even as adults.  So make sure you have enough room for these loving animals.  They can become very aggressive when it comes to showing you affection so make sure to spend enough time with this animal.

When it comes to their meow these felines are truly special.  While some might consider it a nuisance especially in the middle of the night, these animals have loud distinctive voices that they use to call their owners.  While not as loud as the Siamese, these animals can really wake-up the neighborhood if they can’t find their beloved owner.  So if you are planning on owning one make sure you don’t forget to let them in the bedroom at night or you will be sorry the next morning. But overall these animals are a pleasure to own and if you have enough love to give, these will make perfect pets.

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