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Cat Charities

There are a lot of different kinds of cat charities, ranging from catch, spay, and release, to rehoming agencies. The feral cat problem in the United States has gotten out of hand. Cats who roam the streets without owners to provide them with a home are breeding and populating in vast numbers. This exacerbates the problem of homeless cats who are hungry and suffering without anyone to see to their basic needs for food, shelter, and healthcare. Some cat charities are geared toward helping owners without financial resources to pay for medical procedures that are needed. If you love cats and want to do something to help, here are the ten best charities for cats where you can volunteer to help or donate funding to ease feline suffering.

1. Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary Inc.

This cat charity provides a permanent home with hospice care for cats that are determined to not be adoptable. The cats that are often euthanized by shelters are at home here, to live out their days in a safe and loving environment. The most common issues with cats who come to live here are blindness, old age, or those who are positive for feline leukemia. The organization offers tours and feline education and welcomes volunteers. It also provides spay and neuter programs to reduce the number of cats in shelters. Some of the cats do end up being adopted into loving families who can provide proper love and care. You can contact them on their website.

2. For The Love Of Cats, Inc

For The Love Of Cats, Inc is on a mission to solve the problem of pet overpopulation. They help save the lives of abandoned cats and kittens. They operate a trap, neuter, return program for feral cats in the community. They also vaccinate the cats they sterilize and provide them with daily feeding centers through a network of volunteer caregivers. They feed more than 100 cats in their local community daily, and they have TNR’s more than 5,000 cats to date. They also help low-income families to have their family pets sterilized.

3. Best Friends Animal Society

This charity serves both dogs and cats. Volunteers go into pet shelters to retrieve cats that would otherwise be euthanized. They save thousands of cats each year. They have placed 14,491 animals into foster homes, provided more than 47,000 spay and neuter surgeries, and have accomplished nearly 23,000 adoptions. This is a national charity that has a mission for rescuing dogs and cats in danger of losing their lives. They are the largest no-kill sanctuary in the United States for companion animals.

4. Saving Grace 4 Felines

This charity finds homeless cats and provides them with foster homes until they are adopted by their forever homes. The charity serves Pitt County and other parts of Eastern North Carolina. They have succeeded in neutering 500 feral cats and arranging adoption for 134 homeless cats since their inception in 2018. They partner with local media companies to advertise new cats that are available for adoption each Friday. The charity also provides education about responsible pet ownership and helps low-income families pay for low-cost spay or neuter services. You can contact Saving Grace on its website.

5. Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians

This cat charity is based in Arizona. It provides loving homes for cats that are made homeless due to the death of an owner or terminal illness. When owners are no longer able to care for their pets, Hearts That Purr steps in and takes over. They also serve older felines that are no longer cared for by former owners.

6. Barn Cat Buddies Inc.

This charity addresses the problem of feral cats through its trap, neuter, and release program. It helps 180 feral cats per year. The Southwest Virginia organization relocates feral cats to homes with barns and other non-traditional locations where their assistance for rodent control is needed and appreciated. It helps unsocial and semi-social cats through sterilization, socialization, and relocation to safe environments that also include homes wineries, horse farms, and other places where they can safely thrive.

7. Cat Network Inc.

This cat charity is located in South Florida. It targets stray and feral cats for assistance. So far the organization has trapped more than 51,000 stray and feral cats and has found adoptive homes for more than 7,000 cats since December of 1995. The mission of this charity is to help lessen the number of abandoned and feral cats by capturing them and using the trap, neuter, release system to prevent more births. The organization partners with other agencies and local governments to help make South Florida a no-kill state. You can contact Cat Network Inc on their website.

8. Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is an advocacy group with a mission to protect and improve the lives of cats. They sponsor trap neuter and release program in Bethesda, Maryland. The organization promotes humane care for cats nationwide. The organization has been in operation since 1990. You can contact Alley Cat Allies on their website.

9. Kitten Associates

Kitten Associates is a Newtown, Connecticut cat charity founded in 2006. The mission of this charity is to help cats and kittens in high-risk situations. They operate a rescue with a foster care network that provides safe and loving homes for cats and kittens from overcrowded kill shelters, those abandoned or strays.

10. The National Cat Protection Society

The National Cat Protection Society is in Newport Beach, California. The organization founded in 1968 provides a no-kill cat shelter for all of Southern California. The charity is a haven for cats and kittens in need of a home.

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