A Persian Cat Rescue Is A Great Way To Adopt Your New Pet


Persian cats are the perfect pet for those looking for calm and laid back companion.  These beautiful fluffy cats are very dignified in nature and a pleasure to own. Being so calm, these cats would make a really good pet for those who suffer from mobility problems.  While these cats still like to play just like any feline breed, they are not as curious as most cats which normally keeps them out of trouble.  These cats often have hearts of gold and are very lovable when it comes to their owner.

These elegant cats have often been a favorite among the rich and famous.  Often seen as a cat of royalty, they have a certain air about them.  Whether it’s their long fuzzy hair that seems to flow from their bodies, these cats have very distinctive faces that you won’t soon forget.  Having one of these amazing felines lounging around your living room will be a welcome site for any true cat lover.

Are There Any Health Issues?

Unfortunately, there are some genetic health issues that plague this cat breed. Dental malocclusions are common and will cause the cats teeth not to mesh.  This could lead to eating problems in some cases.  Also, eye conditions are common in these animals that includes cherry eye which causes damage to the eye membrane. Kidney disease is found in these animals often accruing in older animals.  To prevent these and other diseases from affecting your pet, it’s always a good idea to take them to the veterinarian at least twice a year.

Why Not Get One from a Persian Cat Rescue?

While many people will purchase their new pet from a breeder, a better idea might be to get one from a Persian Cat Rescue.  This is a great way to give a home to an animal that otherwise might never have a family.  Most cats in these facilities will be adult, if it’s a kitten you have your heart set on, you can find them there as well.  You might have to wait awhile because kittens are harder to come by.  Contact a rescue near you and ask to be put on the kitten waiting list.  This will allow you to do something good while still getting the cat you have always wanted.

Image via Thorneywoodcatrescue.com

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