The Black Smoke Maine Coon: A Beautiful and Sturdy Cat Breed


If you are looking for a truly unique cat breed, the Black Smoke Maine Coon is the cat for you.  At first glance you will fall in love with this beautiful animal.  What gives the Black Smoke Maine Coon its name is its elegant coat.  Unlike a typical Black Maine Coon that has a solid color coat, the Black Smoke has an under coat around the chest area that is lighter than the rest of it. While there are a wide range of different colored Maine Coons including 75 different color patterns, the Black Smoke has become a very popular breed.

So where did this beautiful breed come from?

The Maine Coon is a breed native to the United States and was first introduced in the New England state of Maine. In fact, the Maine Coon is now the official cat breed of the state.  While it is unclear which state the Black Smoke Maine Coon was first identified, now there are breeders across the country that specialize in them.

The characteristics of the Black Smoke Maine Coon

Just like all Maine Coons the Black Smoke is a very sturdy animal.  Unlike some cat breeds that have certain breed related issue, the Maine Coon doesn’t have many problems with their health.  As a whole the Black Smoke Maine Coon has the same characteristics as the rest of this fine breed. Once used to control the rat popular around farms, this cat was prized for its working ability.

One thing that all Maine Coons have in common including the Black Smoke is a long luxurious tale and thick coat.  This helped the Maine Coon survive the harsh Maine winters and kept them warm even in snow storms.  A large body cat, Maine Coons have thick skeletal frame that supports there heavy coat.

Very loud cats, all Maine Coons are very vocal.  So if you are planning on getting one make sure that you are aware of this trait.  When they are playing they often release a loud yowling or chatting sound that is very distinct to the breed.

So why chose a Black Smoke Maine Coon?

Everyone that has ever owned a Black Smoke Maine Coon will tell you that these are really special cats.  Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are also very loving.  But make sure that you have plenty of time to spend with your Black Smoke because they demand lots of attention.

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