Can Cats Eat Peanuts? Here’s the Full Answer

Cats are a finicky animal by nature. Anyone who owns a cat or has been around them enough will know this. They are animals that like what they like and become creatures of habit, which includes their food. Cats are also carnivores and their main source of dietary nutrition is meat. They are not herbivores or care to be, unless they ingest an occasional piece of grass outside to soothe an upset stomach. Other than that, there isn’t much that tempts a cat’s pallet, which is very different than that of a dog, who seems to want to eat anything it can get its mouth on. For whatever reason, however, some cat owners always want to try to give their cat a little taste of something different than just their cat food. One treat some cat owners may be curious to know if it is safe for cats, is peanuts. For whatever reason it may be that a cat owner wants to share their peanuts with their cat, it is definitely best to know ahead of time if a cat, can in fact, eat peanuts, or if they are considered a dangerous for cats.

The bottom line, first, is that cats technically can eat peanuts. They are not considered a poisonous food for cats, however, the next question is, should cats eat peanuts, and if you do give your cats a peanut or two, what guidelines should you follow with peanut sharing?

Peanuts may not be poisonous for cats, but they can be dangerous for certain reasons. Peanuts are very high in protein, which cats do need, however, nuts are also very high in fats, which cats can have a hard time breaking down. This can cause some tummy trouble for your cat, maybe some vomiting or diarrhea, if your cat consumes too many peanuts. Typically a peanut or two is not enough fat to be of any worry to you, but your cat should not indulge in a lot of peanuts in one sitting, or even on a regular basis to prevent too much fat intake.

Peanuts are also high in salt, unless they are raw, which is also not good for kitty. If you decide to indulge your cat with a peanut treat, raw peanuts that are unsalted, are the best form of peanut to give, and should be unshelled. If your cat eats peanut shells, pieces of shells can be hard, and even dangerous to the digestive tract. They splinter and can be like shards that have the ability to cut the throat, digestive tract and even the stomach lining.

Knowing the best way to share a peanut treat with your cat, should he even show an interest in them, will help to make it a safer treat for your feline. Outside of eating peanuts, some cats find peanuts in the shell to be a fun little toy to play with. The sound of a peanut shaking around in the hard shell as he bats it across the floor, may be more intriguing to your cat than actually eating it. Just keep in mind that because it is in the shell, playing with peanuts should be done under supervision just in case he does decide to try and gnaw or chew on the shell, but supervised, a few peanuts in a shell can be a fun, natural toy for your playful feline.


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