Cat Breed of the Day: Colorpoint Shorthair


From CatsterColorpoint Shorthairs look a lot like their Siamese cousins when it comes to body type. They have a long, lean appearance, a wedge-shaped head and large ears. They come in colors that won’t be seen in Siamese cats, including Himalayan pattern and many different color points. Colorpoints are intelligent cats that get along well with children and other pets. Colorpoints are very vocal cats, and will demand attention by crying. They are very closely related to the Siamese. Colorpoints are sensitive to their owner’s moods.

Do any of you out there have a Colorpoint Shorthair?  If so we’d love for you to share any pictures or stories you may have.   In the meantime we’d love to share a gallery of Colorpoint Shorthair cats and kittens for your entertainment.  Be sure to click “next” beneath each picture to view them all!

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