20 Things Only Persian Cat Owners Would Understand

If you’re a Persian cat owner then you’ll totally get what we’re sharing. For those of you who are considering becoming one, you’re really in the right place. Persian cats are hands down, the most popular breed of cat on the planet.

They’re gorgeous in appearance with fluffy bodies and bright eyes. Their smashed down little faces are absolutely adorable, but there are some things that you need to know about them.

Here are 20 things that only Persian cat owners would understand.

1. Your cat teaches us the meaning of Lazy

Persian cats can be playful when they feel like it, but they are notorious for spreading out in a comfortable place and refusing to move. You’re only going to get them do move when they are good and ready.

Part of the reason that they do this is that when they do play, it is with gusto and there is a tendency for these kitties to wear themselves out. They take the world on their own terms and this is just something that owners need to accept.

2. They are loud sleepers

How many cats have you heard snore? This probably depends on how many Persians you own. They really can make racket when they are in a deep state of sleep. Don’t be alarmed if you’re a new Persian cat owner and your kitty starts snoring in her sleep. It’s perfectly natural for the breed. Just get a pair of earplugs if kitty sleeps at the foot of your bed.

3. Snobbery runs in the bloodline

Your Persian kitty can be loving and so affectionate, but if they’re not in the mood, you’d just as well stop trying. Persians have an ultra dignified demeanor and they wear it well.

If your kitty holds her nose in the air and gets an “I don’t care” attitude from time to time, relax, it’s an inherited trait that you can’t train out of them. The possess an aire of dignity that places the breed in a class of its’ own.

4. Your cat is in a perpetual state of cleaning

Persians are known for their cleanliness. You will notice that they are constantly cleaning their fur and grooming it down. They like to feel clean and will go to great lengths to ensure that their coat feels comfortable and free of rats, snags and debris. This is a big plus because it means less work for you.

5. Persians insist on being the center of attention

This trait will make you very glad to see them in lazy mode. When your kitty is feeling frisky or wide awake, he will pester you until he gets precisely what he wants. And this is your full and undivided attention. It won’t matter what you’re doing, when the mood strikes, this breed can be relentless.

6. You will be required to spoil them

This is another thing that will make Persian cat owners smile. They like to be pampered and spoiled. Don’t worry too much though, you can rest when your cat is feeling lazy or somewhat snobbish.

If you want to put this fact to the test, try ignoring your Persian and see what happens. If they catch wind that you may not be willing to cater to their every desire, they’ll find ways to see that you comply with their wishes.

7. Your cat is well-mannered in front of guests

This is assuming that you have taken the time for properly training your kitty. You’ll know when you’re giving them the right amount of attention and love, because they are not prone to acting out when strangers are around.

Your little man will be a perfect gentleman, and even beautify your home because of his strikingly gorgeous appearance. This is one of the reasons why Persians are the most popular breed of cat in the world. The majority of them are very classy.

8. Your cat will let you know when you’re not giving them enough attention

Persians know very well how to get your attention. They are generally docile in temperament, but they know how to be vocal when they feel like they’re not the center of attention.

Watch where you walk, because you may find your kitty jetting under your feet to get your attention. They may even resort to following you wherever you go and whatever you do.

9. Your kitty is nosier than the busybody next door

When the mood strikes them, Persians can drive you out of your mind when you’re attempting to get work done. If they see you doing something, they will walk to where you’re at and insinuate themselves between you and the task that you’re trying to accomplish.

Try pulling weeds when your kitty is having a fit of curiosity. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but expect it at the times that will be the most inconvenient, because they seem to know and respond to this very well.

10. They are conceited

Your cat knows that she is truly magnificent and it shows in her attitude and the way that she carries herself. She will parade in front of guests and family members as though she is the queen of the castle.

She has a subtle aire of royalty about her. She may dignify you with a glance now and then, when she feels like it, or she may simply pass by in her regal coat, allowing you to admire her beauty. Don’t interfere with her walk of fame though… it may spoil the event for her.

11. Your cat is a Jekyll and Hyde

Persian cat owners fully understand why we make this statement. Although they are generally known for being laid back and even lazy, just as quickly, your cat can have a total personality shift. They can become feisty and pester the life out of you. When they’ve had their fun or get tired, they’ll go back to being lazy and devil may care creatures.

12. A scratching post is not negotiable

We’re so serious about this that we recommend getting the scratching post before you get the cat. Persians tend to scratch furniture to sharpen their claws. They are as adamant about this as they are their cleaning habits.

It’s a natural instinct, but if you work with your kitty hard, you will be able to break the of the habit. Start when your cat is a kitten. It’s humane to provide them with a safe place to scratch so their instinctual need to scratch is satisfied.

13. You’ll sometimes wonder if you own a flying squirrel

While it’s true that not all Persians are jumpers, we’ve seen our share of them that are. They enjoy jumping on counters and flying from one piece of furnishing to another. This is another habit that may be annoying to some cat owners.

If it bothers you, begin correcting the behaviors while your kitty is still young. This is another aspect of the Jeckyl and Hyde syndrome.

14. Your cat will make a beautiful hood ornament

When Persians get outside, they play and have a great time, until they are tired. When it’s time to get lazy, they have no problem perching on a sunny spot that is warm, especially if it’s a chilly day.

They like to sit on car hoods or on sunny windowsills to enjoy a nap. The other advantage to this is that they can proudly display their beauty to passers-by.

15. Hide the toilet paper rolls

Persian owners have no problem identifying with this pearl of wisdom. Persian cats love to play with toilet paper rolls, but particularly when they are full.

If you don’t keep the rolls out of sight, your cat is highly likely to leave a pile of shredded tissue all over the house. If they can get the object to roll, these cats will bat them all over the house, leaving a trail of debris as they go.

16. You are obliged to buy them toys

You thought that the kids were bad. Persian cats have playful moods and if you don’t provide them with toys that they enjoy playing with, they’ll choose something that you don’t want them to have.

They need to have recreational outlets just like the rest of us. Cats love to bat their toys around, chew on them and sometimes, even sleep on them. They learn very quickly what is their and what is not. In fact, it is a very emotionally and physically satisfying experience when you use toys to play with your cat.

They truly enjoy tug of war as well as some of the more advanced toys that actually make movements and sounds. Your Persian will have playful times and he will have a lot of fun playing both with you and by himself. It’s a good idea to check out some of the more popular interactive toys for cats, but be careful to read the reviews to ensure that it is safe for your pet.

17. Your cat lets you know when the food and water dishes are empty

Persian cats are not usually vocal unless there is something that they want or need. They are very good at letting you know when something is wrong, or when you are not giving them enough attention. If your cat is hungry and the food dish is empty, expect to hear about it.

It’s always a good idea to investigate the pleas made by your cat, because there is usually a good reason for them to talk. You’ll find out that as you get to know your kitty better, the tone of their voice will signal a lot about them. Cats who vocalize do it for a reason and with time you’ll learn which tone signals distress and which is a plea for attention.

18. Its easy to spoil your cat unintentionally

Most cat owners want to train their kitties the right way. Persians are easy to train if you are consistent. If you constantly give in to everything your Persian wants, he will learn that he can get away with anything he wants.

For example if you give your cat attention every time he meows, he will learn that whenever he meows you will respond. If you make sure that he has everything he needs, then ignore incessant meowing with consistency, he will learn that this trick doesn’t work anymore and cease the behaviors. It’s important to catch this behavior when he is still a young kitten. Once established, attention seeking behaviors are hard to break.

19. Play fighting isn’t a good idea

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to play fight with your Persian when she is a tiny kitten, but don’t forget that the cute little ball of fur is going to grow into a much larger adult. The teeth and claws grow right along with them. If they think that it is okay to scratch and bite, the behaviors will only intensify.

Persian cats have a tendency to view a human hand as prey that needs to be stalked and attacked. It is unacceptable and even dangerous to have an adult cat that scratches and bites as serious illness can result. It’s not fair to allow a Persian to think that a certain behavior is okay and then change the game on them. This can be confusing so it is best to avoid it altogether.

20. No is a required vocabulary word

Persians require training to understand what are appropriate behaviors and what are not. They are very capable of learning and understanding what the word no means. When your cat does something that is not acceptable, tap them and use the word “no.”

Repeat this until your cat has a firm understanding of what it means. They may lay their ears back or switch their tails back and forth in protest, but this is actually a sign that they understand when you use the word, they must cease and desist.

If you are consistent when teaching your Persian what “no” means, all you will need to do is to say the word in a firm tone of voice and they will stop what they are doing (probably).

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