Cat Breed of the Day: Gato


From CatsterGatos have short velvety fur, medium fur. Gatos are more unusual, tend to be very exotic, showing breed traits of the Egyptian Mau, Siamese and Himalayan.  They are affectionate, but not overly. The Gate needs attention even though most Gatos will find things to amuse themselves, but they enjoy the interactions of their owners. Gatos tend to avoid confrontation and will go out of their way to avoid a grumpy sibling. They also love to play, and even the simplest toys will fascinate them. Do any of you out there own a Gato?  One thing we know is that all Gatos are fairly small cats so cuteness is a factor right off the bat!  If you have a Gato and can send in any pictures then please do so.  We’re also always looking for great stories or videos as well.  In the meantime please enjoy this gallery of Gato cats and kittens.










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