The 20 Most Rare Cat Breeds In The World

When it comes to the cats, the majority of individuals will know that there are a wide variety of breeds that exist in the world today. However, there are a group of breeds that are quite rare, breeds that not many people are even aware of, and that may seems strange in appearance, or may even just have quirky traits that we are not used to. In any case, they come from all corners of the world, and today, we are going to talk about them. We are counting down the top twenty of the rarest and strangest cat breeds that are in the world today. So grab your snuggly and furry feline, and prepare to gain some knowledge on these rare creatures.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is definitely a cat that is well known for its more regal and sophisticated look. Originally from Turkey, these cats have very distinct, beautiful medium to long haired coats, as well as multi colored eyes that can captivate any cat lover with one look. This cat breed is very loyal to their families, and are even known to get along quite well with other animals very easily. The Turkish Angora is a playful and energetic cat that is known for having some dog like qualities when it comes to their behavior throughout the day. Even with this energy, they still make exceptional felines when it comes to cuddling and being affectionate with their families after a long and taxing day.

British Shorthair

This is a breed of cat that has, as per its name, originated in the United Kingdom. The British Shorthair quite resembles that of the Chartreux (which we will discuss later in our list), with its blueish grey coloration of its fur and its piercing gold eyes. These cats are also quite muscular in their build with short, thick coats. They are also not known for being agile, and can even be seen as clumsy the majority of the time. Regardless, these cats are able to adjust very well to a family life in their home, and are also very easy to train.


The Minskin is an extremely rare breed in that it is a hybrid between two other rare breeds that we often see in the world today — The Sphynx and the Munchkin cat breeds. That being said, the Minskin is known for its hairless body, which resembles that of the Sphynx, along with its short stature, which of course comes from the Munchkin breed. These cats are known also for being quite friendly animals with people that they meet, along with their families and their owners. Their lean bodies allow for them to be quite playful as well, although they don’t have as much mobility or quickness with their short and stunted legs. Even with their odd look, these cats really are quite irresistible.



The Singapura cat breed is a type of cat that lies on the smaller end of the spectrum when it comes to size; In fact, this cat will typically only get to be about four to eight pounds, but don’t let their size fool you. Originally from Singapore, these cats tend to resemble that of miniature breeds that can be found throughout the world, but they have a ton of personality. Their tiny meows are no match for their mischievous and playful behavior that accompanies their size. They are also quite affectionate, and love to cuddle on the laps and in the arms of their loving owners and family members. The Singapura is also a cat that is quite curious, so make sure to keep your eye on these little felines so they don’t cause to much trouble.

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau has a more lean and exotic look to them, and also have many unique characteristics that make them genuinely exotic in their own way. This cat breed originates in Egypt, and are well known for their cheetah like speed and their amazing intelligence. The Egyptian Mau also comes with a quirky and playful personality that is also completely loyal to their families and their owners. While they aren’t necessarily “hyper” creatures, so to speak, they do have a playfulness that, along with their agility, can make them quite a handful.


Originating in Russia, the Siberian cat breed adapted quickly to the colder temperatures of Siberia, giving it is long and thick coat of fur. This medium sized cat is also quite affectionate, and will become very attached to members of its family and its owners. Along with that need for affection, the Siberian is also a very energetic cat that ready to instigate play at the drop of a hat; However, they are also very gentle and calm the majority of the time. One unique trait about this breed of cat is the fact that they are actually more likely to play in water, as opposed to other cats and popular belief. This trait comes from the fact that its ancestors were often forest dwellers, swimming in bodies of water to find food and fish as well.


Originally bred in Thailand, the Korat cat breed is often recognized by its unique coloration in its fur, which is black with a unique silvery shine to it. These cats are also on the leaner side when it comes to the muscular build that we see in cats of all breeds, but that doesn’t mean they are not well developed or agile in the least. These are very active animals that are also quite gentle, and are exceptionally amazing when it comes to interacting with children in their families. Along with this good temperament, the Korat is also a feline that is quite keen in regard to its senses, especially that of smell, sight, and hearing. This can sometimes cause them to get themselves into trouble; However, they would much rather just sit and cuddle with their owners and family members throughout the day, soaking up all of the affection that they can get.

Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail has made its appearance in many different parts of the world when it was first introduced, including places in Japan; However, they have the most prevalence in Russia. This medium sized, long haired cat is well known for its short and fluffy tail, giving it a somewhat stunted look. They are similar in stature as that of the Japanese Bobtail, which we will talk more about later in our list. The Kurilian Bobtail is very gentle in nature, even when being originally bred for hunting and fishing back in its ancestry. They are also very clever, and that, along with their more muscular build, makes them quite a playful and interesting breed indeed.


The Serengeti cat is another breed of domestic cat that is a hybrid of other breeds in the world today. It comes from a cross between a Bengal cat breed and an Oriental Shorthair breed. With that said, the Serengeti cat is known for its alert and playful personality that is full of relentless energy. Many cat owners and lovers find this breed of cat extremely appealing for its spotted coat (as they tend to resemble that of some African wild cats) as well as its diverse personality and behavior. Along with their outgoing behavior, the Serengeti cat breed is also very affectionate and loving toward their families and their owners all the same. You truly won’t find a cat that is more playful and fun than that of this hybrid breed. Although they are still somewhat rare, they are most certainly growing in popularity among people all throughout the world today.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Originally bred in Norway, this domesticated cats date all the way back to the times of the Vikings. This cat is typically larger when compared to the other breeds of cats that are found all around the world when it comes to their size, and often has a more rugged appearance due to its medium length hair on its coat. Although it has a gruff appearance, the Norwegian Forest Cat is quite energetic and ready to play the majority of the time. This cat breed is also very loyal to their families and owners, and like to be enter of attention throughout the day. They tend to prefer to be homebodies, and typically don’t require much time outside. They would rather stay safe and sound in their homes getting affection from their owner, and soaking in all of the love from their families.

Colorpoint Shorthair

Also originating in the United Kingdom, just as many other cat breeds have and do, the Colorpoint Shorthair is another breed that has more of an elf like appearance to its, with its almond shaped eyes, large pointed ears, and lean body. These are very talkative creatures that crave attention for the majority of their day. Along with this, the Colorpoint Shorthair will also become very intensely attached to their family and their owners, following around whoever is home during the day. Because of their lean bodies, this breed of cat is also quite athletic and ready to play, so you will always want to have some sort of entertainment ready for them to use, such as a bevvy of toys and other play things.

Cornish Rex

First originating in the United Kingdom, as so many other breeds on our list have, the Cornish Rex is well known for its confident personality as well as its love for its owners and family. These lean and short haired cats are quite playful, and crave to be the center of attention regardless of the scenario. The Cornish Rex is also known to be more of a dog like cat, as they are more likely to play a game of fetch with you than some of the other breeds of cats that you will see in the world today. Along with their playful personality, these cats will also come with a laidback personality and temperament, making them ideal for those that have children in the home.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is yet another cat breed that is well known for its unique physical characteristics that define them against the many other breeds out in the world. Originally from Scotland, these cats tend to share some similarity in looks with that of the Chartreux and the British Shorthair, as they also have a blueish grey look to their coats and those piercing gold colored eyes. However, there is one distinct feature that sets the Scottish Fold apart, and that is their ears. Yes, this cat breed has ears that are folded in toward the head, which is caused by a mutation that affects the cartilage throughout their body.

Aside from their unique physical features, the Scottish Fold is a well tempered animal and are quite affectionate with their family members and their owners. They are also animals that love to be outside and playing outdoors some of the time, which aids to their playful nature and energetic behavior. The Scottish Fold is also a cat that does not like to be alone for long periods of time, and require a good amount of attention from their families on a daily basis. This is one breed that takes a big commitment and responsibility when bringing it into the home.


When we hear the name of the Sphynx, many often think of the Great Sphynx which resides in Egypt, or the mythical creatures that go along with the name. However, the Sphynx cat breed is a rare cat breed indeed, with its hairless, lean body that will take many by surprise the first time they see it. This cat actually originated in Canada, and by total accident at that. Due to a genetic mutation, the Sphynx was born in a litter without any hair. In any case, the Sphynx is a cat that loves attention from their families and their owners, which also aids in their highly sociable personalities. Although playful and fun, these cats can often have a variety of different health issues due to their genetic mutation, including issues with skin health.


Another breed that also originally comes from Canada is the Tonkinese cat breed. This domesticated breed is another that is eager to get all of the attention and affection that they can possibly receive from whoever comes in their path, especially when it comes to their families and their owners. They are also extremely playful animals, and can learn new tricks with significant ease. Along with these traits, the Tonkinese is a very talkative animal, so it is important to make sure that you are paying attention to them when they are talking to you, while also making sure to get them enough exercise and love that they so desperately need. Don’t be fooled, however, as this breed of cat can also be quite stubborn at times.


The Peterbald breed of cat is another that has a quirky and strange appearance that can take someone by surprise the first time they meet. This cat is also extremely short haired, with long and large ears on a small head and lean body, similar to that of the Sphynx breed, and resembling that of an elf like creature in a sense. The Peterbald first originated in Russia, in the city of St. Petersburg to be exact. They are well known for their energetic and playful personalities, which makes them an ideal cat for families with children in the mix. They are also extremely affectionate animals, and become very loyal and attached to their owners and their families. You will often find these cats following around their owners throughout the day when they are home, and also prefer to be cuddled in the arms of their loving family members.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is most certainly well known for its totally unique look when compared to the other breeds that we see in the world today. This breed was originally bred in the United Kingdom, and has a somewhat elf like appearance with its pointy, large ears and their large, almond shaped eyes as well. The Devon Rex also comes with a loyal and playful personality, but that’s not to say that they won’t get themselves into trouble now and again, especially when it comes to stealing the human food that may be lying around in the home. This cat breed is also very keen and intelligent, and is able to learn new tricks and play with a bountiful amount of toys with the greatest of ease; Some would even compare this breed to that of a dog like cat, as they are also excellent around families with children.


The Manx cat breed, which first originated in the Isle of Man, is well known for its unique look regarding its tail, or rather lack there of. The Manx has virtually no tail, or if anything will just have a stub for a tail. Along with this, the breed is also on the smaller side of the spectrum when it comes to the size of various cat breeds in the world today. These cats were once known to be great hunters, but have since been more domesticated and use their playful and energetic personality in their own homes. The Manx will also be a more calm tempered animal, ready to snuggle and relax with the family at the end of the day. With their active and agile personalities and their affectionate behavior, they are the perfect addition to any family home.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail cat breed was first bred in Japan to hunt for rodents and keep the streets clean all the same. Although that is not what they are normally bred for any longer, these cats are quite clever and agile regardless. As we mentioned before, they are quite similar in stature to their cousin breed, the Kurilian Bobtail, with their short fluffy tails, and muscular build. The Japanese Bobtail is a quite playful cat, having somewhat similar characteristics to that of a dog. They are very good cats with families that include children, and are quite sociable animals. Although they do have this social aspect, the Japanese Bobtail is also quite loyal to their owners, and are very attached, craving attention and affection all the while.


Originally from France, the Chartreux cat breed is one of the oldest cat breeds in history. They are well known for their beautiful grey toned fur along with their piercing gold colored eyes. There are many cat owners who even say that the Chartreux is known for its “smiling” face, with its narrowed muzzle that gives it a more emotional face. These medium sized cats are also known for their dog like traits, as they are quite playful, and become very attached and loyal to their families and their owners. The Chartreux, is also, of course, very intelligent, with the ability to learn new tricks and play with a bountiful amount of toys with ease; However, it can also cause them to get in trouble every once in a while.


Of course, there are some other breeds that are rare, and didn’t quite make our list, but even if they are on this list, it does not necessarily mean that they aren’t steadily gaining popularity. In fact, many of these breeds that we have mentioned are creating even more rare hybrid breeds that are making the way into the homes of cat lovers all throughout the world.

With that said, we have concluded our list of the top twenty most rare cat breeds that are in the world today. If you would like more information on any of these cat breeds, and to find out if they would make a good fit in your home with you and your family, you can find out more both online or from your local animal shelters and vet clinics. . We hope you have enjoyed our list, and that you learned a great deal about all of these amazing cat breeds.

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