Cat is Caught Smuggling Mobile Phones into High Security Prison

Cat mobile phone 2

In Brazil, a cat made the news headlines after getting caught smuggling mobile phones into a high security prison.  Apparently, the cat was used to sneak in the mobile phones to the inmates. Four handsets, four chargers and seven sim cards are found hidden under the feline’s coat and were confiscated. Thanks to the eagle-eyed prison staff who noticed it.

Staff at the Romero Nobrega prison in Brazil believes that the cats are trained to by the inmates accomplices to smuggle illegal stuffs like drugs and mobile phones inside the prison. In an interview conducted by Globo G1, a Brazilian news agency, prison Officer named Daniel Ribeiro stated that the cats are often seen wandering in and out of the prison, in Patos in the northeast of the country.

According to Ribeiro, around 11:30PM the cat was seen trying to get through the security door near the block of the penitentiary.  One of his fellow officer also noticed that the cat appears to be wearing a coat, which they thought was weird and suspicious.  So they decided to stop the cat.

Cat mobile phone

The officers then found cellphones, cellphone chargers and sim cards.  All of the items were taped to cat using bandages and masking tape under the gauze coat.  Each of the sim cards were checked and they found out that it belong to different mobile phone operators.

Ribeiro and his fellow officers searched the nearest block of the prison where the cat was stopped.  The block is a house to more than 1,000 inmates.  Unfortunately, they were unable to find out who the phones were intended to be delivered.

Prison Director Jose Neto praised his officers for the good job they have done.  He said, “I want to highlight the works of our prison officers who are always alert, not just in this case, but in all the others that they come across in the course of their work.  This shows that, no matter how the criminals try to circumvent the law, they come across men who are well prepared to do their jobs.”

The authorities are conducting an investigation into how much illegal material like drugs and weapons are possibly smuggled inside the prison.

It’s sad to know that innocent animals are being used for bad cause.  I hope the authorities will get to the bottom of this.

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