Cat Fight Erupts Behind Journalist during Live Broadcast

Following the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, most activities have moved online. Learning, entertainment and even news broadcasting are all getting done online. Thanks to the Zoom software, such activities can be done effortlessly thus adhering to social distancing measures put in place. To say that some of the Zoom sessions have been anything but dramatic would be an understatement. Over the period that the software has been in use, a lot of people have found themselves in hilarious scenarios. Such was the situation with one news broadcaster from the Philippines who provided the world with some much-needed entertainment unknowingly. According to The Indian Express, the broadcaster’s cats decided to video-bomb the broadcast and the fight was nothing but entertaining.

The Story

This week the world got treated to a 12 seconds viral clip of two cats fighting. While there’s nothing new to this, the clip was part of a broadcast. A reporter from the Philippines was on a live interview from her home when a catfight erupted behind her. The journalist, Doris Bigorinia, is seen in the video looking over her shoulder, checking what was going on behind her. The cats, Nala and Bella Luna, who were seated on a shelf, kept purring aggressively before pouncing on each other. Doris maintained her calm all through the fight. Thankfully, the brawl didn’t escalate to a point where the reporter would have had to intervene. The clip immediately went viral with Doris herself retweeting it on her twitter page. Her daughter Nikki Bigorinia, also shared the clip with her caption to the hilarious video asserting that her cats had no chills. Social media users loved the video with some terming it as the best TV interview conducted at home. Some praised the reporter for maintaining her cool until the end without getting distracted by the apparent scene going on behind her. Many users were particularly curious to know what happened after the broadcast. The clip has since been viewed over 2 million times on various social media platforms.

Similar Stories

Bigorinia’s cats have not been the only unexpected guests to have appeared in Zoom videos and broadcasts in the past month. A particular planning commissioner in California who was on a video conference call with some of the city’s officials, found himself in a tight spot that unfortunately cost him his job. According to Times Now News, the planning commissioner picked up his cat and threw it away. Additionally, Platzer, as the man has since been identified, continued sipping from his beer bottle. The incident caused uproar and Platzer ended up tending his resignation from the planning commission. In his apology, Platzer stated that he hadn’t acted in the best manner during the live conference call and felt deeply sorrowful for his actions.

In another interrupted live broadcast, according to The Lad Bible, Paul Dellegato a weather reporter at Fox News 13 Tampa Bay got interrupted by his golden retriever while giving a weather update. The dog couldn’t wait for his parent to get done with the broadcast. Brody, as the dog was called, approached Dellegato mid-reporting and bumped his head on the device that provided the weather animations. Dellegato could be heard telling the pup that what he’d done wasn’t smart.

Seeing as the golden retriever wanted Dellegato’s attention, the weatherman decided to ask the pup to jump on his lap. Dellegato continued the live weather broadcast while giving his dog the attention he’d been craving for, on his lap, without flinching. Dellegato managed to finish the broadcast while petting the dog showing that he had a precise balance of his profession and love for his dog. The weatherman stated that Brody’s attention craves were usually a sign that he wanted to be fed. So Paul promised Brody that he’d fetch him some food after he was done with the live broadcast. The pup eventually got distracted and decided to sniff out his owner’s camera instead. The video warmed the hearts of many social media users and went viral as well.

Another Unique Scenario

With almost the whole world being on lockdown, reporters have had to report news from their home. Interviews are now getting conducted from home due to the travel restrictions imposed to try and curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Standard UK, Will Reese, while on an interview with Good Morning America caught the attention of social media users after his clip went viral. Reese, reportedly, went on air clad in a shirt and jacket but no trousers.

Assuming that the viewers could not see his legs, the reporter decided to don a suit coat without pants. The video went instantly viral. Reese supposedly thought he was still in the frame of the camera. He went on the show again to clarify the situation by stating that the shorts were in preparation for his post-interview workout. He, however, was the first to admit that it was a mistake and explained that it would never happen again. He even decided to teach viewers about Zoom etiquette and professionalism on video conference calls or live interviews. Despite his apology, the damage had already been done. Reese poked fun at the video as well with hilarious captions. Nevertheless, the video served to remind people to ensure they double-check and ensure that everything matches to avoid getting caught pants down like the reporter.

According to The Daily Mail, Zoom averaged in over 200 million virtual meetings globally on the platform in March alone. However, the convenience of working from home comes with its peril, as awkward and embarrassing moments like Reese’s cases have become a norm across the internet.

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