Cat Goes Missing For 3 Days and Comes Home Incurring Debt

Pet lovers know that there are expenses involved with pet ownership. We recently learned about a cat that went missing. He was on hiatus for three days, causing his owner to worry about his safety. While some of these events end in a bad outcome, the missing cat was returned safely to his home. While he was out and about, it seems that he incurred debt. This is a hilarious and heartwarming story that we just had to share to brighten your day.

Thai tabby goes missing

Chang Phuak from Thailand is the owner of the chubby grey colored tabby that took a hike. The cat wandered away from home, leaving Phauk to wonder what had become of his beloved pet. According to The Indian Express, The cat was gone for three days before he was returned safely home to his grateful owner.

The tabby caused a bit of mischief

It’s still unclear how the cat got away from his owner, but most of us who have our feline babies know that they tend to be strong-willed. When they want to go out for an adventure, they usually get their way. It’s all too easy for them to slip out the door with lightning speed. When the cat returned home, he came with a note attached that explained at least part of his adventure to the owner. While the cat was out and about, he showed up at a vendor’s mackerel stand. According to the note, the cat couldn’t keep his eyes off the fish and the vendor eventually gave him three of his own to eat during his time away from home. At least the owner knew that he was receiving a nutritious diet that was high in protein. The vendor revealed that her name was Aunty May and she operated the fish stand at alley number 2. She attached the note to the cat, along with her name and number to let the animal’s owner know that she had provided his food while the feline was on vacation, and he incurred a legitimate debt by eating out. This was a funny and happy end to the story. The owner was amused when he retrieved the placard from around the cat’s neck. In addition to the fish, the vendor had also given the cat a new collar.

The story went viral

Chang Phuak couldn’t keep this hilarious story to himself. He took photos of his hefty tabby and told the tale on social media. It wasn’t long before the story went viral and became a major sensation. Several comments were left from viewers who appreciated the cute and heartwarming story about the tabby that went on vacation and ran up a food bill for his owner.

The story teaches us a few life lessons

At a time when there is so much negativity going on in the world, this story is something that we can all use to have a good laugh and feel positive about the world around us. There are quite a few life lessons that we can learn from the story about the cat who racked up debt on vacation.

Laughter is a medicine

We’ve all had some tense and sad times with the current and ongoing pandemic. It’s become a way of life that we’re still learning to adjust to. The media has been inundated with tragic stories, political unrest, illness, death, and more. The story of the debt incurring cat gave us all a good belly laugh and gave us a distraction from the gloom and doom around us. It showed us that despite the other things going on in the world, there are still a lot of silly things going on that brighten our day and give us a reason to smile.

There are good people in the world

The lady who noticed the strange cat eyeing her supply of fish felt moved to take action. She had fed the feline three fish to help keep him fed while he was away from home. She didn’t know anything about the animal. All she knew is that he was interested in the food that she was selling, and after he had been there a while, she took pity on him and made sure that he had a few good meals. This tale shows us that in a land of strangers, good deeds are still happening. People still care. People with kind hearts are willing to share what they have to improve the lives of stray animals that are in need. The woman wasn’t demanding payment for the fish. The note states what she did and left contact information so the owner could contact her. It’s entirely possible that she just wanted to know if the fat tabby made it safely home.

We all need to share more of our joys

The cat owner did everyone a solid by posting the photos and stories of the fish-eating tabby. It made a lot of people laugh and feel happy for a few moments. He could have kept it to himself, but instead, he brightened everyone’s day by spreading a little humor. These are the kinds of stories that we need to hear more often. If those of us who post on social media could manage to take a break from sharing our political views so much, or from retelling the tragic events that are taking place, and sharing something that we can all laugh at or feel good about, there would be a lot more joy in the world. At this point, most of us are aware of the dangers and the social unrest that are all around us. We don’t need to be reminded of it hundreds of times a day on the news and social media. It might be nice to hear more humorous and heartwarming stories about cats and other pets.

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