Cat Mistaken For Burglar is Detained By the Police

Cat Detained by Police

There are many examples of the police being called out to attend a reported burglary, only for them to find that no burglary has taken place. This is often because people hear strange noises and think there is an intruder that they are too scared to confront themselves. Common causes of unusual noises that have resulted in a police call-out include teens sneaking back into their home in the early hours, strong winds, and noisy plumbing. In most cases, the police don’t mind attending such incidents. They know that it is an easy mistake to make and they are happy to reassure the homeowners. However, there are some incidents that they attend that take them by surprise. This is exactly what happened when the police in Florida were recently called out to a ‘cat burglary’, and there was a surprising consequence of this incident.

Police in Florida recently received a request to attend a suspected burglary, says Fox News Network. The Collier County Sheriff’s Department was asked to visit an address on 60th Avenue N.E. in Collier because unusual noises had been heard in the home, indicating the presence of an intruder. Officers raced to the address fully prepared to apprehend the culprit. Those who attended the alleged incident included Corporal Henderson, Corporal Nova, Corporal Caceres, and Sergeant Sudano. The officers were surprised with what they saw when the arrived at the residential property.

As they were prepared to tackle a burly intruder, they were pleasantly surprised to find that the culprit was only a small cat. Apparently, the animal had wandered into the property, and it was the cat that was responsible for the unusual noises. The police then apprehended and detained the culprit. While it may seem extreme that they detained the cat, it was not actually arrested. The Collier County Sheriff Department wrote on their Facebook page that they had simply done this for the cat’s safekeeping. They then handed over the cat burglar to Collier County Domestic Animal Services. They joked on their social media post that the cat was detained for ‘fur-ther questioning’.

Later, the Collier County Sheriff’s Department updated the information on their Facebook post to give the latest news on the apprehended moggy. They let their followers know that Collier County Animal Services had scanned the cat and discovered that he had a microchip. It was revealed that the cat is called Bones and that the animal services were in the process of contacting his owners. No charges were brought against Bones and, presumably, he has since been reunited with his owners.

It may seem strange that a cat was detained by the police for suspected burglary, although it has been made clear that this was simply for the safekeeping of the cat. However, there are many stories from around the world when an animal has been officially arrested by law enforcement agencies. One country that has many stories relating to animal arrests is India. According to Mental Floss, one example of this is the eight donkeys that were jailed for four days in India after they ate $1,000 worth of greenery in the small town where they lived. These are not the only animals in India that have spent time in police custody for alleged criminal offenses.

Another example is the pigeon that was kept in custody on suspicion of being a spy. The pigeon was found between India and Pakistan close to the Kashmir region that is a territory split between the two countries and China. This territory has been the cause of many wars in the past. A 14-year-old boy found the pigeon and discovered that it had a message stamped on its body in Urdu, which is the official language of Pakistan. This led officials to believe that the pigeon was a spy, so they sent it for x-rays. When they couldn’t find any concrete evidence of espionage, they kept the pigeon in custody.

A parrot called Hariyal was also arrested in India in 2015 facing an accusation of repeated swearing at its owner’s stepmother. Hariyal’s owner, Suresh, and his stepmother were embroiled in a bitter property dispute, and the man had repeatedly called his stepmother rude names. The parrot picked up the bad name-calling habit and begun to copy his Suresh’s behavior. Suresh and Hariyal were both picked up by the police. Rather than arresting the parrot, the police had him removed to Maharashtra’s forestry department so that he could fly free without offending anyone.

India is not the only country with wayward animals that are reprimanded by the police. Several animals in South America have faced severe consequences for their behavior. National Public Radio reports that a donkey was arrested in Chiapas, Mexico after it bit one man in the chest and kicked another. The police took the incident very seriously and arrested Blacky. The donkey was held in custody for three days until his owner could pay the victims’ medical fees and cover their loss of earnings.

Finally, one of the most bizarre cases of animal arrest is the cat apprehended for being part of a prison break in Brazil. The cat was seen walking around the gates of a prison in Arapiraca, Brazil. The security guards noticed that the cat had tape around its body and that it was carrying items including batteries, a phone charger, an earphone, and several saws and drills. They immediately suspected that the cat was part of a plan for a prison break.

The cat had been seen entering and exiting the medium-security prison on several occasions in the days leading up to it being detained by the security guards. The cat was arrested, but the officials found it difficult to decide who was responsible because the cat couldn’t speak. Although the cat spent a brief time in custody, it was then taken to an animal shelter to receive treatment.

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