Cat Problem in Core Creek Needs Serious Attention


Located in Middletown Township is Core Creek Park. It’s a place where you expect to find families having a wonderful time, picnicking, playing and enjoying life. Instead, the park has become an unofficial lifestyle for stray and feral cats. More than 500 cats call the park home, and the problem has become so large that city officials had to do something about the problem to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the cats found here have been abandoned and they were once someone’s pets. For some reason people feel that the park is a dumping ground for unwanted pets and forgo the idea of surrendering their unwanted animals to locations in which they can find a loving home and safety.

The town managed to capture most all of the cats in a humane nature to fix them and put them up for adoption. There were some feral cats in the bunch, somewhere close to 100 of them. They’ve each been given the TNR routine and are back in the park where they can live out their lives the way that they please without reproducing and causing any more unwanted wild cats in the park. Now the town has placed signs up around the park asking visitors to please refrain from feeding the cats to ensure that they are correctly treating these animals as wild and not as friendly pets they can keep in the park for future visits.

It’s been a long time coming, and they city did things the right and very humane way.

Photo by CBS

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