Cat Raises Couple’s Lockdown Spirits by Delivering Letters

Remember years back when letters were the primary means of communication, and you would keep checking the mailbox for that awaited reply. Nowadays, we keep checking the phone to see if our texts have been responded to or missed a call. However, letters have not lost their touch, and one cat has raised a couple’s lockdown spirits by delivering letters from a mystery neighbor. It started as a note asking for the cat’s name, but now it has evolved into a friendship that will last for a long to come; hopefully. Let’s tell you more about the blossoming relationship between neighbors who are yet to know each other.

Stranger Brings a Smile to Couple

When Billy was only a kitten, his brothers and sisters were adopted, but he remained. The cat was abandoned in Hackney, London but found his forever home in Olga Shipunova and Zack King’s care. The couple adopted the kitten, and little did they know the impact their furry friend would have during the coronavirus lockdown. As is the case globally, people have to stay at home, and interaction with the neighbors is still limited to avoid the virus’s spread. However, the cat has proven that you do not have to see your neighbor every day to socialize; a note is enough to show that you still care about them. The first note came in September 2020. The neighbor wrote that the couple’s cat likes to visit whenever he is outside. He often meows so the neighbor can let him in, and since they did not know his name, they called him “Billy.” Coincidentally the cat was named Billy, which Shipunova let her neighbor know when she replied to the note. She added that Billy likes chin scratches, and since she was happy that the feline was making new friends around the neighborhood, she encouraged the good-willed neighbors to give him some. To prevent anyone else from wondering what the cat’s name was, Shipunova said she would get Billy a new name tag because they had lost his.

The Couple Does Not Want the Mystery Unraveled

The notes were sent back and forth between the neighbors, with the information being exchanged ranging from movie tips, cat food, and podcast highlights. The friendly neighbor realized that the cat had become like a carrier pigeon. She handcrafted a mailbag into a heart-shaped box. Shipunova and King admitted to feeling down during the lockdown, but the note exchange has brought them back to life. They always look forward to the friendly messages, and they believe they found a friend. They still do not know who the neighbor is and prefer that she remains anonymous. All the couple knows about her is that she is Canadian. What matters most is that Billy has people looking out for him whenever he is outside.

Friendly Neighbor Concerned after Not Seeing Cat for Two Weeks

Everyone is capable of making a difference in someone’s life, even cats. A Taiwanese exchange student had found friendship in two cats, Bear and Teddy, who belonged to her neighbor. She had grown so fond of the cats that she often studied in their company and practiced her group presentations in front of them since she had no friends. The felines must have felt safe around her because they visited the student every day. Unfortunately, for two weeks, she noticed that one of the cats, Bear, did not go to her room as he had often done. This prompted her to write a note to the cats’ owner, wondering if anything was wrong with Bear. She put the letter in Teddy’s collar, hoping it would reach the cat’s owner. However, the reason that Bear had not been visiting his human friend was that he had passed away. Therefore, Bear’s owner informed the friendly neighbor that Bear had died through a note attached to Teddy’s collar and included an email for easier communication. The Taiwanese exchange student learned that Bear had been buried in his owner’s garden thus went to put flowers on Bear’s grave according to Little Things.

Some are Friendly Neighbors; Others, Not So Much

While some people adore cats and are always looking out for them, others would not be bothered and would prefer if the felines stayed out of their way. One cat owner was surprised to learn that Nala, her furry friend, had found a concerned friend within the neighborhood. In her adventures, Nala had been visiting a neighbor 2-3 times a day, and they had noticed that she did not have a name tag showing her address. Therefore, the neighbors wrote a note addressed to Nala’s human saying they would love to know her name in case of any injury. Nala’s parents found the note attached to the collar, and although the neighborhood is safe, it was nice knowing that someone out there was concerned about the cat’s safety. Just like Shipunova and King, Nala’s parents looked forward to replying to the note.

However, not everyone likes to have the four-legged pets roaming in their homes, as was the story published by Yahoo News. Chris and his girlfriend live in Wales and do not mind letting their cat Gandalf out of the house. They know he is a friendly feline who also gets into people’s houses. The neighbors also enjoy having him in their homes and feeding him, which Chris found out after observing Gandalf had put on some weight. Therefore, he attached a “do not feed” label on the pet’s collar.

Unfortunately, the friendly nature of the cat was not acceptable to all of Chris’s neighbors. One day, Gandalf went back home with a note attached to the collar. The message was three-pages long, with the angry neighbor saying he was fed up with Gandalf, who was visiting him almost every day. The neighbor complained that he could not keep the windows open for fear of Gandalf going in to take food from the table, spread fleas, and scratch the sofa. He threatened that if Chris could not keep the cat away from the neighbor, he would take Gandalf far away. Consequently, Chris said that for the rest of the time they lived in that part of the neighborhood, Gandalf would have to stay indoors lest he awakened other neighbors’ wrath.

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