Cat Steals the Show as the Wedding’s Ring Bearer

cat in a wedding

Moose the cat seems to have something of a cult following, especially after he had the opportunity to serve as the ring bearer for his mom’s recent wedding. It all started when Diana Gonzalez and her soon-to-be husband, Nick Donatelli, decided to tie the knot. The two of them also have two cats, including Moose. Considering the fact that they are both cat lovers and they have an Instagram account dedicated to their cats, it only makes sense that one of them would get to be the ring bearer.

Practicing for a Lifetime

When deciding which of their cats would get the big honor, there really wasn’t a question. Moose is the older of the two cats and also the one that tends to be more calm in social situations. As a result, he was placed into a cat stroller, complete with a see-through screen that could be zipped up, and pushed down the aisle by one of the wedding party members. It was all so he could serve as the ring bearer for the very special ceremony. As you might have guessed, Moose was the real star of the show. There is no question that despite the fact that guests were there to see Diana and Nick get married, everyone was paying attention to Moose. After all, he was dressed in the cutest little fake tuxedo, complete with a bow tie. However, the thing that really made it special was his demeanor. He sat regally and paid attention as if he absolutely knew what his job was and took that job very seriously. As a matter of fact, one person even took to their social media account to say that they felt that they would be a lot more successful if they took things half as seriously as the cat took that particular ceremony. Shortly thereafter, photos of Moose went viral. Since then, he has been making waves in the best possible sense of the word.

Taking Social Media by Storm

There is just something special with animals and special events. The minute that even a single photo makes its way to social media, it tends to go viral. Moose was no exception. It was only a short amount of time before his picture was showing up practically everywhere, on all platforms of social media. It’s easy to understand why. What better way to get anything to go viral than to mix a cute animal with a special event, especially something as happy as a wedding? Moose seemed to know what his role in the event was and he definitely played his part. The funny thing is, everyone close to the situation said that the cat seemed to be completely bored throughout the actual ceremony, but that he adored the attention that he got from all of the attendees before and after the fact. That just goes to show that Moose is a cat who has it all together and doesn’t get too wrapped up in the pomp and circumstance of these types of things.

A Jealous Sibling

Remember, Moose is one of two cats living with the couple. The other cat, Lily, is still very young. As such, it was decided that she would not be part of the ceremony because the couple were afraid that she would get too excited by everything that was going on around her. The funny thing is, someone snapped a photo of Moose just after they had put him inside the stroller and Lily can just barely be seen trying to jump on top of it. Apparently, she wasn’t terribly happy about the decision to let Moose be part of the ceremony while choosing to leave her out of it. Whatever the case might be, it was another photo that proved to be a social media hit and it is one that has since circulated all over the place.

Artists Have Their Turn

As it turns out, Moose has become so popular that a lot of amateur artists have taken to drawing him and then posting their own creations on social media. In fact, there are a lot of individuals that are posting their own artwork, all of it in honor of Moose. It’s fun that the couple has been interacting with these artists, many of whom have drawn some impeccable pieces of artwork involving Moose the cat. It’s one more way that the story keeps circulating on social media. It’s even become so popular that it has recently made its way to mainstream news. It’s definitely been fun for the couple, as well as for individuals who have enjoyed interacting back and forth, all because of their decision to include Moose in the ceremony.

Keeping Things Running Smoothly

This is definitely not the first couple that has ever used one of their pets to serve as a ring bearer at a wedding. In fact, couples do it all the time. However, this couple decided to do things a little bit differently by putting Moose in a stroller that allowed him to see what was going on, yet it was completely sealed. As it turns out, they were afraid to give him free rein to walk down the aisle for fear that he would get a bit too independent and decide to go off roaming on his own as opposed to paying attention to the duties at hand. This is probably good advice for anybody that wants to involve their pet in a wedding ceremony, as even the most well-behaved animals tend to get a little bit curious when there are a lot of extra people around. Handling things in this manner gave them an opportunity to keep Moose in the ceremony without worrying about having the entire thing derailed at the last minute. One thing is certain, Diana Gonzalez and Nick Donatelli will always be able to look back on their wedding with fond memories. Every time they think about it, their minds will naturally go to Moose and all of the people that he brought together on social media as a direct result of being in that ceremony. It’s a great legacy for what will hopefully be a great start to a life together.

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