Five Animal Celebrities Who Earn More than Most of Us Do

Lil' Bub

When it comes to money we typically don’t think of pets as having an income.  But there are a few of these animals that bring in more money the most to humans.  Some of these pets which have become famous due to the internet make more money than a doctor.  I know many of you will probably recognize the names of some these animals but you will probably be shocked at just how much they have made.  I bet their owners are really happy at the success of these very famous pets.  Let’s take a look at five of the most earning animals in history.

Tuna the Amazing Chihuahua

Many of you have heard of this cute little dog.  But for those who haven’t. he is famous for his recessed jawline which gives him a very unique and funny look.  After his owner posted his photos on Instagram he instantly became famous.  Now this dog has over 1 million followers and has even went on an eight city tour making lots of money.  While we don’t know just how much this little pooch is worth, it’s probably a hefty sum.

Chris P. Bacon

This tiny little pig was made famous by a video on YouTube.  Being born without back legs this little guy was given a set of wheel made out of toys by its owner.  Now this famous animal has been on several TV shows and has over 2 million views on YouTube that adds up to a lot of change.  Two books have also been written about this pig.

Lil’ Bub

This funny looking cat is really something to see.  Due to genetic disorder and several other medical problems this feline seems to always be sticking out his tongue.  This cat has its own clothing line and a book has been written about him.  He also has appeared on the TV show the View.


This dog is considered the world’s cutest dog and has made a name for himself.  This highly adorable little dog has landed a deal as the spokes dog for Virgin America airline.  He also has over 16 million followers on Facebook.  The owner has not disclosed how much Boo has made, but with all the deals this dog has gotten his net worth is surely in the millions of dollars.

Grumpy Cat

Probably the most famous and richest of all pets is Grumpy Cat.  This angry looking feline which is actually really sweet has been rumored to have made a cool 100 million.  While it might not be that much I’m sure she has made an impressive amount.  This cat has a book deal, its own coffee brand and a movie has been made about her which aired on TV.

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