20 Awesome Cat Tree and Condo Recommendations

Cat Tree

Speaking as a confirmed crazy cat person, I can personally vouch how awesome it is to treat it with decent cat furniture that will be used and enjoyed. I did learn the hard way that not all cat beds, cat condos, and cat scratching posts are not created equal. I also learned it’s not always about the price either. I’ve personally purchased a kitty condo and scratcher combo unit that cost over $300.00 USD, thinking it was the cat’s meow, only to see it fall apart in record time. I had a $50.00 USD version that lasted three times as long. Sure, it wasn’t as large nor as fancy as the more expensive unit but I got way better value for my money from it.

20. Grove Modern Cat Tower ($499.00 USD)

The small, twenty-four-inch Grove Modern Cat Tower sells for $499.00 USD while the larger, forty-one-inch high one goes for $649.00 USD. This isn’t your normal cat tree that doubles as a kitty condo. Unlike typical scratching posts, this is made from premium plywood and ash veneer. The top half serves as a perch for the kitty to scope out the view from its own castle while the bottom half is either used to score a good cat nap or store kitty toys. Built to last, this also makes a decent addition to any room it’s put in.

19. Kitty City Claw Indoor Mega Cat Furniture, Corrugate Cat Scratcher ($49.99 USD)

On Amazon, the Kitty Claw Indoor Mega Cat Furniture, Corrugate Cat Scratcher goes for $49.99 USD. The beauty behind this kitty condo unit is you can put it together however you like as it is of modular design. You can either go with what is shown in the pictures or work something out that best suits you and your kitty. Perhaps you have more than one. When visiting the Kitty City Store’s page on Amazon, there are additional options you can go with for that perfect setup.

18. Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tree ($999.00 USD)

Through Tuff + Paw, the Milo Cat Tree runs for $999.00 USD. This is a jungle gym for cats that serves as a great playground for each kitty in the household to make the most out of it. The tower has four different perch levels, each of them easy enough to access for a cat to claim it as the official spot to simply hang out or catch a quick nap. The two slide-like scratching posts are made of high-grade carpet fiber that’s more durable than the standard that’s used on less expensive cat tree units. The wood is made from natural birch plywood, adding to the structural integrity of a standout tower that will help make it last longer than the norm. It’s also safer with rounded corners so that both you and your cat don’t have to worry about anything sharp sticking out that can cause injury.

17. Happy & Polly Wonderland Cat Tree ($149.99 USD)

Sometimes, the Happy & Polly Wonderland Cat Tree sells for $149.99 USD but has been known to be on sale for as low as $104.99 USD. This is a cute cat tree that plays with pastels so you can add a bit of color to your room as you have a condo unit set up for at least one cat to call their own. If a medium-sized tower standing at just over three feet tall isn’t enough, there’s the fifty-inch large tower and the fifty-seven-inch extra large tower. If you’re into a bit of whimsical as part of your home’s decor, this would be the cat tree for you.

16. Catforest Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree ($139.98 USD)

Via Amazon, the Catforst Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree literally spans from floor to ceiling between its 92.9-inch high measurement to 107.5 inches. Depending on how tall your room is, this is a great kitty tower that has an adjustable top so it can be firmly fastened to the ceiling to keep this tree secure. Everything this tree has to offer caters to what makes cats behave like cats. They’re natural-born climbers who love the heights. Instead of the new kitten fancying your curtains as something safe to scale, it’ll favor the tower instead. That tower also serves as a long scratching post that’s likely to save your furniture from harm. When strategically placed in a corner, next to the window, this also gives your cat an amazing view so it can check out its territory. If you really want to save your furniture and your drapes, having a tower such as this close to where you typically hang out while at home is the best investment you can possibly make. It lets your cat behave like a cat and it gives you some peace of mind that your own belongings will become less tempting for your cat to unintentionally cause it harm.

15. The Juggernaut Cat Condo ($589.00 USD)

Instead of a kitty condo that relies on the floor as its base, why not use the wall? If you simply don’t have the floor space to have a cat tree or condo unit for your feline friend, perhaps you have the wall space. If it’s something small that’s good enough for one kitty, Catastrophic Creations has the Lift Cat Hammock at the $89.00 USD mark. However, if you have a multi-cat household or at least to load up as much wall space as you can that serves as a jungle-gym style condo, for $589.00 USD you can invest in the Juggernaut Cat Condo.

14. Heybly Cat Tree w/Litterbox Enclosure ($179.99 USD)

The combination of a cat tree with a litterbox enclosure from Heybly is the ideal solution for smaller spaces that has enough room for at least one cat but not a large condo unit. Even if it’s just a matter of taking a somewhat minimalistic approach, this works at $179.99 USD. It’s well-designed and makes a great addition to the home.

13. Penn-Plax Cat Life Furniture 2-Story Cubical Condo ($104.94 USD)

Featured on sites like Amazon, the Penn-Plax Cat Life Furniture 2-Story Cubical Condo is priced at $104.94 USD. The creative kitty head design as one lounge compartment sits directly on top of a slightly larger condo unit that sits on the ground floor. For homes that have more than one cat, this is a great cat tree that offers versatility. The playful will enjoy the dangling feathers while the more laid back has their isolated corners to simply lounge about.

12. EveryYay Lookout Love 3-Level Cat Condo ($129.99 USD)

From EveryYay, the Lookout Love Three-level Cat Condo offers everything the cat needs between playtime and naptime. The feather dangling is too enticing, especially if the cat happens to be a youngster. This is a simple design but far from boring. There are three different lounging options for the kitty, as well as different scratch points for the claws to work on. It’s better than going after the furniture. At $129.99 USD, it’s cheaper too.

11. Tucker Murphy 52″ Tavion Multi-Level Cat Tree ($172.35 USD)

From Tucker Murphy’s production crew, the 52-inch tall Tavion Multi-Level Cat Tree sells on sites like Wayfair for $172.35 USD. The beauty of this cat tree is the contemporary look it gives to a room. The clear dome at the top serves as a cozy bowl for the kitty to sink into and enjoy. Each level of the tree is strategically placed to entice the kitty as it climbs its way up to the top. Along the way, there is a cozy compartment that serves as a hidden getaway where the cat can catch up on its nap time. If you have more than one cat, this works.

10. Tangkula Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts and Ladder – 36″ ($82.95 USD)

When you visit the Tangkula website, it’s a multi-level cat tree with scratching posts and a ladder is perfect for homes that don’t take up so much height space and is easier for less active and older cats to enjoy. For $82.95 USD, it’s a great investment that looks good as a kitty condo and works beautifully as a simpler design that is bound to be feline-approved.

9. Catry Tree Towe with Kitten Condo ($49.99 USD)

On Catry’s website, it’s listed as Cat Tree Tower with Kitten Condo Paper Rope Covered Scratch Post Activity Center for Climbing Relaxing and Playing, Model-CT19353. What makes this cat tree and condo great is it’s good enough for a single cat, regardless of age. If it’s a playful kitten, there’s enough here to keep it busy. As it gets older and opts to relax more, there’s the convenient cubby to sneak into and enjoy an uninterrupted nap, as well as the perch at the top to lounge on and take in some scenery.

8. Yaheetech Cat Tree 51 Inch ($104.99 USD)

Priced at $104.99 USD, sometimes the Yaheetech Cat Tree at fifty-one inches tall has been known to sell for $83.99 USD. This is a great kitty condo for multi-cat homes, especially if the youngest kitty is only a few weeks old and the oldest is a senior. The little one can go wild playing with the hanging balls while the senior find a cozy corner to be left alone as it catches up on a cat nap. Then, as the kitten has burned its energy off and goes for its nap, the senior may fancy batting the ball around a bit or at least work on those claws against the scratching post.

7. Go Pet Club 40-Inch Faux Fur Cat Tree ($39.99 USD)

Whether it’s a cat tree for the kitten or a condo setup for a senior, the design and beauty of Go Pet Club’s Forty-inch Faux Fur Cat Tree keep it simple at $39.99 USD. The color combo is great and serves as an inexpensive investment for the home that loves its feline friend.

6. Armakat Classic Real Wood Cat Tree ($289.99 USD)

Approved by cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, the Armakat Classic Real Wood Cat Tree is the perfect tree for homes that have at least one or two kittens. Because they’re so energetic, the number of options this cat condo offers is bound to keep kitties busy enough to stay out of trouble. It also serves as a great sleep zone with hammocks and perches. There’s also the cozy corner when the kitty wants to sleep undisturbed. As the kitty gets older, this tree still makes a great hangout. The $289.99 USD investment is really good when you take into consideration this can last more than just a year or two.

5. On2 Pets 5ft Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree, Square Base ($149.99 USD)

If you want a cat tree that literally looks like a tree, go to On2 Pets. The prettiest of the bunch, in my opinion, is the five-foot tree featuring the colorful mixed maple look. Not only do you have a great cat tree for the kitty but a beautiful add-on decor to spruce up the look of the room it’s put in. While the kitty is perched within the tree, it’s the closest thing to a natural hideout as it gets while indoors. The base looks like grass, which makes this even more attractive as part of the room’s decor. Part of the appeal is the interchangeable options where you can go with other leaf color options. You can also go with a round base instead of a square if that is your preference.

4. Frisco XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree 76″ ($124.99 USD)

If you have at least two cats in your home, getting a cat tree large enough to accommodate them both is essential. Take it from someone who had six cats once upon a time, even if you have two cats who don’t get along, they can both use the condo at the same time without getting in each other’s face. There are a number of online sites, like Chewy, that features the Frisco XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree at the height of seventy-six inches as a kitty condo option. Priced at $124.99 USD, this is a small price to pay for a multi-cat household to keep each feline happy. This is one of the tallest cat trees on the market, easily allowing as many as six cats to share the same corner of the house without conflict.

3. Hepper Cat Climbing Tree ($82.00 USD)

The Hepper Cat Climbing Tree sells out often and for good reason. As a four-level condo unit, there’s enough to it that allows even a multi-cat household to make the most out of its structure. With more than five hundred customers giving it a five-star review, you can’t go wrong here. As a climbing tree, the perches involved allow easy access between stories, as well as plenty of room for each cat to get cozy and score a good nap. Cats love to climb and love to reach as high as they can go so they can enjoy the best view.

2. MWPO 63.8 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree ($79.99 USD)

With over two thousand reviews that have given a near five-star rating, the MWPO Multi-Level Cat Tree has definitely earned a spot as an awesome cat tree worth the money. If you’re a person that has more than one cat in your household, this design is perfect. For the kitty that wants to climb all the way to the top, it sits just over five feet above the ground. As for the kitty who’d be just as happy to laze about that doesn’t need to climb so high, there’s a cozy hammock that’s absolutely perfect. In between, there are even more spots to lounge about, as well as playtime possibilities to keep at least one cat busy.

1. Frisco Modern Cat Tree & Condo ($69.99 USD)

Measured just shy of four feet high, the Frisco Modern Cat Tree & Condo was designed by a cat fan who wanted multiple levels of a kitty condo to feature quality materials instead of just cardboard. For cat fans who want the same thing, spending $69.99 USD on a cat tree that also serves as a kitty condo and scratching post would be the ideal solution money can buy. It’s tall enough for the cat to climb up high. The sisal scratching posts are durable enough to last more than a short period of time. The top perch features white carpeting that’s fluffy enough to laze upon while the enclosed cubby makes a great lounge for the kitty to rest undisturbed. As far as cat furniture goes, it’s among the most attractive on the market.

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