What is Catnip Tea and What are the Benefits?

Like its name states, catnip tea is made using catnip, which is a perennial that has a rather interesting effect on cats as well as a surprising number of other feline species. However, while most people are aware of catnip’s effect on cats in a very vague sense because of pure cultural osmosis if nothing else, it should be mentioned that catnip is said to have some rather interesting effects on humans as well. As a result, it is no wonder that there are people out there who make catnip tea for themselves on a regular basis.

Here are some of the benefits of catnip tea for humans:

Relieves Stress

In humans, catnip has the rather interesting effect of making them feel more relaxed. As a result, catnip tea can be a useful tool for someone who is seeking to bring their stress under control, thus enabling them to live in a more carefree manner. This is critical because stress is a huge problem for modern people, not least because people’s schedules have become more packed than ever. In the short run, this can make people rather miserable, which is never fun. However, it is in the long run when stress becomes an even more serious problem, seeing as how it can increase the chances of a wide range of medical conditions. In effect, this means that catnip tea can help interested individuals save themselves from a great deal of suffering when used in the right manner.

Helps People Sleep

Speaking of which, stress is one of the main causes of sleeplessness in people, which is a huge problem in its own right. Simply put, sleep is one of the natural processes that people need to perform their best, meaning that sleeplessness can impair them in a wide range of ways. For example, sleep can makes it more difficult for people to focus, meaning that it tends to have a horrendous impact on their ability to perform when it comes to all sorts of things. Likewise, it impairs people’s ability to memorize things, meaning that staying up late to study is actually a pretty inefficient approach. Finally, sleeplessness can be rather detrimental to people’s health. In part, this is because a lack of sleep will increase the chances of various medical conditions, with particular emphasis on those relating to the brain. However, it should also be noted that a lack of sleep can cause people to blink out for seconds at a time, which can have deadly consequences when such individuals happened to be seated behind the wheel of a car when it happens.

Helps with Stomach Pains

Catnip is a carminative, meaning that it can be used to remove gas from the intestines by pushing it downwards until it comes out in the form of flatulence. As a result, some people have been known to use catnip tea for the purpose of relieving their stomach pains, though it should be noted that it is not always effective because stomach pains can have a wide range of causes. There are even people who have been known to use catnip tea to treat babies for colic. However, when it comes to treating babies, interested individuals should always, always consult their doctors beforehand to make sure that they are using a safe amount of catnip tea because making bad assumptions could put their children at serious risk.

Helps with Menstruation

On a related note, the ability of catnip tea to help people relax has been claimed to help people who are suffering menstrual pains as well. Supposedly, catnip tea helps the muscles to relax, thus relieving the worst of the symptoms.

Helps People Recover From Fever

Finally, it has been said that catnip tea can help people recover from fever. Part of this is because it helps people sweat more, thus helping them reach a more normal body temperature. However, its ability to help people relax can help people sleep as well, which in turn, has an important role in speeding up the rate at which people heal. In this manner, catnip tea can help with not just fever but also a wide range of other illnesses, though as always, interested individuals might want to consult their doctors if they are intent on making use of such remedies.

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