Man Who Loves Cats Transforms Home Into Feline Playland

Let’s face it — No matter what they do, we will always and forever love our pets, whether they be cat or dog or fish or anything else. Our dedication and loyalty to these members of our family can stretch beyond the imagination in some cases, even to the point of altering your lifestyle to make their lives more enjoyable each and every day. This is such the case of Peter Cohen, a gentleman who resides in Santa Barbara, California. He has dedicated his life and time to the well being of his cats (twenty two of them to be exact), and in more ways than one, as you will see. In this article today, we are going to give you the inside scoop of the ‘playland’ that Cohen has created for his friendly felines, and the differences he is making for others everywhere as well. With that said, let get started on this fascinating story.

1. House Of Nekko

As we alluded to before in the article, Peter Cohen has found his niche in the form of adopting and caring for the lives of several different cats, and his years as a pet parent have brought on many changes to both his life in many different aspects. The most recent and prominent of those changes came in his own home, where Cohen himself has transformed every single room to become a playful cat paradise with his own two hands, and with the help of his construction background as well. For example, many of the rooms are filled with dozens of hiding spots for the cats to sneak in, walkways and jumping platforms along the walls, endless amounts of scratching posts, and even a koi pond fixture to bring it all full circle. His house has been nicknamed the “House of Nekko”, which translates to the ”House of Cat” in Japanese, and it has also become an internet sensations for cat lovers all across the globe. The creation of the playland itself began as his cat family grew from two cats to 22 throughout the past several years, and continues to grow still today. You can find a viseos and pictures of this colorful kitty wonderland on the web.

2. Charitable Actions

Not only has his cat playland become the massive internet sensation that is is throughout the past few years, but it is also helping to spark more donation and notice to his own charity, which is called Zen By Cat. This nonprofit foundation helps to raise awareness and funds to help with the research of feline infectious peritonitis ( also known as FIPs). This is a disease which can reek havoc on newborn kittens especially, as a cute and other preventative treatments are still being researched. However, with the help of Zen By Cat as well as other donations, about twenty five cats answer kittens have been completely cured and saved from FIP in recent years with the help of research and funding that has spanned five decades. It is defineitkunsvfe to say that social media and the web are so helpful and crucial nowadays in spreading the word for causes such as this one, and Cohen has been doing excellent work thus far to bring awareness for this research to the forefront.

While it may seem a bit drastic to alter your life and your house in such a manner, it seems that Peter Cohen has found the outlet that makes both him and his twenty two cats happiest. This playland has been able to bring joy to their family while also bringing that same joy and inspiration to many people all over the world today. Not only that, but he has also been able to tie this endeavor and his charitable acts together on the same field, creating an even greater purpose. Time will continue to tell what will become of both the new “House of Nekko” as well as his FIP charity, Zen by Cat, and we hope that the future continues to be bright and prosperous for all who are involved. Now, go get inspired, and create your own type of playland that can cause a stir on the web — you just may end up helping the greater good in the long run.

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