So Why Do Cats Love Sitting Boxes Anyway?

cat in box

If you have ever owned a cat before, then you know their strange habit of sitting in boxes.  But why do our feline friends love boxes so much.  While some may have an elaborate answer to this question, I for one believe that there is a very simple explanation.

You see, cats were once wild animals and over the years they have become domesticated.  But felines have held onto some of their primal instincts.  In the wild cats would hide in small spaces to avoid much larger predators.  These small areas were warm and a great way to also get out of the elements.  On very cold or wet days cats would hide in logs and small holes in the ground.

Also, cats in the past would use these holes as hiding places during a hunt.  They would often lie very still and wait for their pray to come walking by.  Then they would leap out of hiding and catch themselves some dinner.  This is a very primal instinct and even with hundreds of years of living with us humans, cats have never lost it.  This is very amazing and it must be very deep rooted in their brains.  When it comes to survival of the fittest, cats seem to have very good skills to stay alive.

While todays cats mostly don’t hunt for their food or hide from predators very often.  They still have that urge to hide.  This is why they simply love boxes.  As soon as most felines sees a box, they carefully but surly explore every inch of it.

It’s very cute to watch our pets behave in this manner.  I for one love getting a package, just so I can give the box to my kitty.  He really seems to enjoy the box even if there is nothing inside.  I get joy from him enjoying such a simple item.  While he has many toys, his favorite is always a box.

So if you were ever wondering why your pet kitty loves to sit in boxes, now you know.  Make sure to share this information with other cat lovers out there.

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