10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Chantilly Cat

The Chantilly cat is a breed that is both beautiful and interesting. If you’ve never seen one before, you might even mistake it for a different breed, as it looks a lot like many of the other long-haired breeds of cats in existence. Maybe you’ve spent the majority of your life dreaming about having one of these cats, or maybe you’ve never even heard of them before. Either way, you’re likely to fall in love with them all over again, especially after you finish reading 10 of the most intriguing things about them.

1. It’s called by more than one name

The Chantilly breed is also referred to as the Tiffany, and sometimes it’s even called the Chantilly-Tiffany. Some people refer to them as one name or the other, but both names are commonly used to denote this particular breed of cat.

2. It has a more scientific name, too

The name listed above is one that most people use to refer to this particular breed of cat. However, it is also known by another, more formal name, the Foreign Longhair. Once you see a picture of one, you’ll understand why it has this name attached to it. It has plenty of long-flowing hair that makes it stand out among other cats with shorter locks.

3. It’s a mixed breed

If you think that this is a purebred cat, you might want to think again. Although it is considered its own breed, it’s actually the result of two distinctly different breeds. In order to get a Chantilly cat, you have to breed a Burmese long-haired cat with an Asian cat. Of course, you could always just breed two Chantilly cats together, provided you can find them.

4. It was once thought to be extinct

As a matter of fact, people thought this cat was extinct as late as the 1960s. No one had laid eyes on an example in decades. Then, someone went to an estate sale, of all things, and saw two of the cats right there on the property. Recognizing their importance, they were scooped up and bred.

5. They’re still extremely rare

Even though there was a concerted effort to breed the cats so they wouldn’t go extinct, the cats are still considered one of the rarest breeds in existence. As such, they’re hard to find, so if you want to own of these cats, you’ll have to do your homework in order to find one.

6. They’re soft

You already know that these cats have long hair, but you might not know that they also have some of the softest hair you’ll ever encounter. It makes it fun to cuddle up with them whenever they’re in the mood.

7. They have unique eyes

Thanks to their cross-breeding, these cats have some of the most uniques looking eyes that you’ll ever see. They are usually yellow, and since the cat’s fur is typically dark in color, their eyes have a way of standing out.

8. They have extra hair around their necks

There’s no debating the fact that these cats have a lot of hair. They also have even more hair around the circumference of their neck, which only adds to their beautiful appearance. You might even think of it as a miniature lion’s mane. This mane really stands out in comparison with the cat’s relatively small ears.

9. Their tails are just as striking

If you think they look great from the front, you might not be surprised to know that their tails are just as fluffy, usually held in a curled position over their backs. Compared with their other physical characteristics, this gives them an appearance you won’t soon forget. It’s also one of the main reasons so many people seek this breed as pets.

10. They require a lot of grooming

Since one of their standout features is their long hair, it shouldn’t surprise you that they need to be groomed on a regular basis. In fact, they are often predisposed to grooming themselves so much that they end up with digestive issues, all in an effort to control their long hair. You can help prevent these types of issues by brushing them thoroughly three to four times a week, year-round.

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