10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Korat Breed


Regardless of the type of pet you prefer, it is important that you consider its needs and traits to determine if it is the right option for you and your lifestyle. If you are a cat lover, then there are many different breed options, and each breed has unique physical characteristics and personality traits. One of the more unusual breeds that you may wish to consider is the Korat cat breed, and here are 10 facts about the Korat cat breed that you might not know.

1. It Originates from Thailand

The Korat cat breed originates from Thailand. It is a natural breed and one of the oldest stable breeds, as the appearance of this breed has not changed for centuries. The breed was first discovered in the Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima, which the Thai people call Korat. While Thai people call this cat breed Si sawat, which means the color of the sawat seed, it is named after its place of origin elsewhere.

2. They Are Seen as a Sign of Good Luck

Thai people consider the Korat a sign of good luck. For this reason, the breed was only ever given as presents and was never sold. Traditionally, Korats are given as gifts in pairs, and a pair of Korats is a common gift to give newlyweds to wish them luck in the future. They are also used to bring good luck to villages’ crops, says Your Cat. In North-East Thailand, Korats are paraded around the villages and sprinkled with water to bring luck and make sure the paddies are filled with water.

3. They First Appeared in the United States in the 1950s

Records show that the Korat first appeared in the United States in the 1950s. Cedar Glenn Cattery was the first to import the Korat to the United States. They imported a male and female, Nara and Darra, respectively. A breeder from Maryland was responsible for having the breed accepted into championship status in 1966. The breed appeared in the UK much earlier, as it was introduced in 1889 as the Blue Siamese. However, as the breed did not conform to judges’ perceptions of a Siamese cat, the breed disappeared again in 1901.

4. The Korat Cat Breed Has Similar Characteristics to the Siamese

The Korat cat breed shares many of the physical characteristics of Siamese cats, so the two breeds have a similar appearance. Both breeds have a slender frame, triangular faces, slanted eyes, and large, pointed ears. The differences are that Korats have a slightly rounder face and a thicker body. However, the most distinctive difference is coat color. Adult Korats have large, peridot green eyes. However, their eyes do not become this color until they are two to four years old, as kittens of this breed have either amber or golden-green eyes.

5. There Is Only One Color Accepted for the Korat

The only accepted color of Korat is a silver-tipped blue that has a shimmering appearance. In Thailand, the color is referred to as rain cloud gray, and the Thais call the shimmer a seafoam. Korats have a single coat that is short and has slightly lighter roots that are silver-blue. Although it is unusual, there are examples of Korat cats that have faint white spots or markings, and some even have faint gray stripes. Some cat breeding organizations consider these markings flaws. The Korat is a moderate shedder, and they do not have excessive grooming needs.

6. There Are Three Color Variations of Korat-Type Cats

Although there is only one accepted color of the Korat cat breed, three color variations are described as Korat-type cats. The Thai Lilac has a solid lilac color, the Thai Blue Point has the standard color with chocolate point markings like a Siamese cat, and the Thai Lilac Point is lilac with chocolate point markings. Although they are not considered as Korats in terms of competitions, they are beautiful creatures.

7. The Korat Cat Breed Is Intelligent

A notable personality trait of Korats is their intelligence, and they have exceptional memory. It has been proven that if you take a Korat to an unknown place that they have not visited before, they can find their own way home. The breed’s intelligence means they can easily find their own way home. The Korat can also remember and recognize their owner, even if they have not seen their owner for an extended period. According to Vet Street, other notable personality traits of the breed are that they are energetic and playful.

8. Female Korats Teach Their Young Survival Skills

Female Korat cats have an unusual way of teaching their young survival skills. They take their kittens a small animal to play with, and they can use the animal to practice their hunting and killing techniques. The female cats also teach their young to protect themselves against predators.

9. Groups Have a Hierarchy System

If you consider getting more than one Korat, you may find it interesting to know that this breed implements a hierarchy system. The head of the group is called the sergeant, and they will always feed first. Other cats in the group then follow in hierarchy order. An exception is made for kittens, as they will eat directly after the sergeant and before other cats in the group.

10. They Are Wary of Strangers

Although they are not a particularly shy breed, the Korat cat breed is generally wary of strangers. If approached by a stranger, they may scare easily and make a noise before seeking the comfort and security of their owner. However, once a Korat has developed a bond with a human, they are a loyal and affectionate breed. It is also worth noting that the Korat is a child-friendly option, and they get along with other animals, including dogs, so they are suitable for living in a family environment with other pets.

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