Coby is Dubbed “The World’s Most Beautiful Cat”

Eyes have been said to be the windows to our souls; thus, even Destiny’s Child said that they knew the man loved them because his brown eyes told them so. That realization of what the eyes can convey has resulted in women doing everything to achieve the perfect look; hence winged eyeliner has become the norm, and some opt for smokey eyes. Whatever your preference, there is a cat whose eyeliner will put most of our attempts to shame. Coby is dubbed “the world’s most beautiful cat” because of his natural eyeliner and cobalt blue eyes. Although his owner prefers that he be known for his loyalty, all people see is his beautiful eyes. Read on to see how he became a celebrity.

His celebrity status was by accident

Rebecca Schefkind, an art director, saw a kitten with fluffy snow-white fur and piercing blue eyes and immediately fell in love with him. The cat must have also felt a connection; he picked Rebecca as his human by sleeping in her arms. With that instant bond, Rebecca became the cat’s forever companion and used his cobalt blue eyes to coin a name for him: “Coby,” a short form for “cobalt.” Rebecca then decided to start an Instagram account for the feline without having any ulterior motives. She wanted to share Coby’s cute pictures with her fans since she loves dressing him up with various costumes.

The cat’s beauty did not go unnoticed; hence within a short time, the account had garnered 150,000 followers, and Rebecca was receiving free pet food and supplies. Therefore as she told Time, she knew it was time to start taking Coby’s celebrity status a little more seriously; thus, she became a crazy cat lady. By 2016, the cat had been dubbed “the most beautiful cat in the world” thanks to his eyes that look like they have eyeliner and his fluffy white fur. At the time, Rebecca had wished to remain anonymous, but it appears she changed her mind.

His beauty has resulted in a few endorsement deals

Most people think that his fur is white, but on his website, Coby is described as a silver-haired British Shorthair. He has a lot of dark accents on his feet, tail, eyes, nose, and feet. As per the cat breed’s personality traits, Coby is loyal and calm but can be playful. Besides his charm helping him gain 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Coby was chosen as the face of the latest Cat Eyes for All campaign by KVD Vegan Beauty in March 2020; it was to promote the brand’s 10th anniversary of its Tattoo Liner. The Vice President of the label said that they believe in cat eyes for all and who better to display this belief than a cat with natural eyeliner.

The KVD Vegan Beauty is not his first endorsement job since, according to The Business Journals, as early as 2016, HelloSociety was collaborating with WAGSociety to promote undisclosed campaigns. They had enlisted some of the most influential animals, and Coby, the cat, at the time with 863,000 followers, was in the roster.

What you need to know about the British Shorthair breed

If you read Coby the Cat’s blog, you will come across a few facts about the cat breed that you probably don’t know, but Mental Floss  has detailed. For instance, although most people think that Coby’s fur is white, British shorthairs have a variety of colors that include silver, red, black, grey, and many more. The color of the eyes is also not restricted to the spectacular cobalt blue; it can be blue-green, copper, or gold.

Moreover, as you might notice from Coby’s confession that his veterinarian said he is overweight and Rebecca had to put him on a diet, this breed is prone to being obese. The British Shorthair is among the top 10 fat cats; females weigh between 9 and 12 pounds while males can go up to 17 pounds. Therefore if you are planning on adopting the breed, be ready to provide it with lots of healthy food and exercise lest you will be putting your furry friend at risk of arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.

British Shorthairs have been known to make people wealthy, sometimes illegally. Although in the US, you can expect to part with $1,800 if you get your cat from a registered breeder, in Europe, the price is usually much higher. Therefore, it is no wonder that when thieves realized the breed’s worth, they catnapped a cat named Maggie and asked for a $5,000 ransom from her owners. Also, with their beauty and brains, these cats can rake in a fortune for their owners. Just like Coby gets endorsements, according to Mirror, Dusya starred in a commercial, and her owner was paid £2,000.

Even people with blue eyes are considered attractive

It is not just cats with blue eyes that are ranked among the most beautiful felines. If you check the list of handsome men and beautiful women, you will see names like Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario. One thing the two actors have in common is their blue eyes leaving you to wonder why people with blue eyes are thought to be more attractive than others. Besides, even Hitler was ready to have his own master race that comprised blondes with blue eyes. That belief has also led to dark-eyed people going for contacts to pull off that blue-eye color look. With such an obsession for blue eyes, it makes sense that Coby, the Cat, was dubbed the world’s most beautiful cat.

Besides being attractive, blue-eyed people have other advantages; they have been said to be great strategic thinkers. Therefore you can expect them to outshine the rest academically, especially in courses that demand strategic thinking. Additionally, blue-eyed people can tolerate pain much better than the rest. This usually applies to women where those with blue eyes have been observed to handle childbirth better than their dark-eyed counterparts.

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