Demand for Cats in London at an All-Time High

It’s a known fact that cats tend to be a bit more self reliant than dogs. Cats are naturally easy maintenance, which makes them even more attractive for millennials who live in flats and have a telecommuting lifestyle in London, England. The capital of GB has seen an increase in the number of cats being requested for adoption in the area, and the supply has been dwindling at rescue centers due to the increase in demand.

The rescue centers, especially the most famous refuge, known as Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, has been turning to the north to get a better supply of cats to meet these needs. Centers in the North have been sending hundreds of animals every year to London’s, Battersea Dogs and Cats Homes, to help rehome the cats that are collected in their shelters.

The Sun wanted to meet some of the new arrivals at the centre in South West London. Sara Atkinson, who is the founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue in Keighley, West Yorks, was quoted as saying: “Battersea has lots of people waiting to adopt cats. She says that more than 3,000 cats have been sent to their forever home, and this includes 450 cats from the North. According to Rob Young who heads the Catteries there, has said that cats have definitely become a more popular pet in London, and goes on to say that for the past three years, more cats than dogs have been rehomed.

One example of a cat getting his new home, is Howie. A man named Richard Halstead and his family adopted Howie, who had just arrived from the Yorkshire Cat Rescue center, was a large cat, weighing more than many dogs weigh. He was a hefty seven-plus kilos, and since Halstead and his family took him in, Howie has trimmed down a bit and is not quite as large, though he is still a big boned feline. Halstead says that he can definitely tell Howie is a northerner cat, because he drinks out of little cups and prefers his tea strong.

There are many other cats that need homes and they come in a wide range of sizes, types, colors, personalities. Some even come with a brother or sister, meaning that the two will be placed together. Some may even have a little bit of an old injury or scar that makes them unique, such as Babe, the black and white short-haired cat that is missing an eye, but has such a beautiful personality, you won’t notice her little disability.

All cats needs homes, and so long as the demand persists in the London area, cats will be brought in from other areas to help fill the demand, because the demand for cats in London is currently at an all-time high right now.

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