Designey Litter Boxes for Cats are Now a Thing

If you are looking for a new litter tray for your cat, then you may be surprised at how many designey options there are open to you. There are several trays such as these that have done very well as Kickstarter projects. An example of this type of litter tray is the Poop Cube, which has been designed by a pair of architects for the Super Pet brand. This tray has a minimalist design which means it will look good in any home. Guests in your home may not even realize what the cube is, as there will be no litter around the cube and there will be no odor. The cube is white and gray which means it will look good with all types of decor.

However, as you may expect from a designey litter tray it is the features of the box which really makes it stand out. The designers of the Poop Cube have thought about the problems that people encounter when using a standard litter tray and then looked to resolve these problems. They expressed their surprise that no one has come up with a better design for a litter tray before now in order to make them easier to use. They wanted to make a litter tray that was not ugly or smelly, and that did not result in the litter being tracked through the house.

It did not take long for the project to reach its target on Kickstarter. The history of the development of the cube can be seen on the website. Super Pet was founded in April 2019 and the Kickstarter campaign was launched twelve months later. It was hoped that mass production could start in April 2020 and that the first products would start to be shipped in May.

The cat can access the cube from the front or from the top. This flexibility means the cat can choose the access point that they find the easiest. If they choose to enter and exit the cube from the top, then there is a tray which will capture the litter. This tray can then be lifted and the litter will slide down into the base of the cube with the rest of the litter. There is also a mat at the front of the tray that will catch the litter when the cat comes out from inside the cube. The design of the Poop Cube means that the litter is never exposed to any air. This means that there is no odor that can be smelt in the rest of the room. This is one of the most welcome features of the cube, as anyone with a cat will tell you that the smell of a litter tray is not pleasant.

There may be times when you want your cat to only exit the cube from the top. If this is the case, then there is a switch on the front flap that can be used whenever you need. The switch is normally in a horizontal position, but when it is moved vertically it locks the front flap from the outside. This means that the car can still access the cube from the front, but they can only exit from the opening at the top.

According to Yahoo Finance that have featured the Poop Cube, cleaning the tray is also very easy. [] There is a large lid at the top of the cube which opens in the same way as a trunk would open. This gives plenty of room for you to be able to clean the tray and ensure that all of the old litter is removed. The cube comes with a ergonomic shovel, scoop and brush that has been designed specifically to be used with the litter tray. All of these components fit together and there is a hook on the side of the cube where they can all be kept.

There are litter trays which are available that have automatic cleaning features. However, the experience of the designers of the Poop Cube was that these features did not always work correctly all of the time. They felt that there would be other features that could be more beneficial to both cats and their owners, even if this did mean the cleaning was not automatic. Their aim with the Poop Cube was to make all aspects of the litter tray easy to use. There is nothing that works automatically in the cube, but all of the components work well together.

Litter trays generally have a reputation of being smelly and messy. However, they are essential for your cat, as discussed on the RSPCA website. Having somewhere that they can use the toilet with some privacy is very important to their overall well-being. They instinctively know how to use a litter tray because their ancestors would have kicked stones and other debris over their mess to hide their scent from predators.

Litter trays are important for all cats, but even more so for those who do not tend to go outside. They are probably the one piece of equipment that cat owners can not do without. The majority of owners see them as a necessary evil because they know how important they are for cats. Perhaps one of the reasons that designey litter boxes have become so popular, is that they make life much easier for the owners of the cats. There is no mess to clear up, no odor and they also look a lot better than traditional litter trays. They also have the added advantage of being easier for the cat to use as well, at the same time as providing all the features that your pet needs in a litter tray. It is clear that there is a demand for the Poop Cube and other designey litter trays. This new trend could change the whole perception that cat owners have about litter trays because the worst features of them no longer become so much of an issue.

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