Dino the Kitten is Rescued by a Caring Person with Some Help from Animal Control

Dino 1

In Paulding County Georgia a tiny kitten was heard crying for nearly a week.  But the people that heard the cries simply could not locate the feline.  A resident of the county thought he heard a lost kitten meowing very loudly in his yard but when he checked nothing was there.  During the week the man heard the kitten crying on and off but failed to locate the animal.  So he decided to get some help and called the local animal control office.  This would prove a wise move that would soon help recuse the crying kitten.

An officer with animal control arrived at the home and could also hear the poor kitten calling for help.  After looking all over the yard, the officer finally decided to pull a PVC cap off of the privacy fence located at the side of the property.  This is when the kitten was located and was some six and half feet down inside of the fence.  Getting the kitten out was not going to be easy but it had to be removed or the kitten will slowly starved to death.  It was also very wet inside of the fence and the kitten was in danger so something had to be quickly done.  So the resident and the officer put their heads together and came up with a plan to help free the kitten.

The officer and the resident were able to get the kitten out and he was very wet and hungry.  After cleaning the kitten off he was placed in a safe cage and transported to the office.  The cat was feed and is now comfortable.  If not for the man who called for help surely the kitten would have died inside of the fence.  The kitten was in bad shape but due to his young age he is expected to make a full recovery.  Now called Dino, the cat is still recovering from the event and once he is healed up he will be ready for adoption.  Hopefully one day soon this cute little kitten will find a forever home to call his very own.

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