Felix The Railway Cat Helps Humans and Watches Birds

Any cat owner will tell you that every cat is unique and has its own irreplaceable personality. While this may be true, some cats stand out more than others. In fact, some cats stand out in just about every way possible. One of the best examples of this is Felix, a cat who has a large and growing fan base for its one-of-a-kind life.

Firstly, Felix is not a male. The people who found him decided that she was a boy before actually checking. Regardless, the name stuck. While this is interesting, what truly separates Felix from most felines is the fact that she works at a railroad station. Her career began back in May of 2011, when the young kitten wandered over to the Huddersfield railway station.

Since that fateful day, Felix has become a staple of the station. Her official title is “Senior Pest Controller.” Staff at the railway station have noted that she is particularly effective at keeping an eye on pigeons. However, she does a great deal more for the station than mere pest control. Most notably, she occasionally provides comfort and companionship to children who are frightened. She has become very popular, with many passengers taking the time to stop and get a selfie with the only feline staff member at the station.

Some may worry that working at a railway station is dangerous for a cat, but Felix is well looked after. In fact, the station has asked passengers to refrain from feeding Felix, as the other staff members ensure that her diet is tailored to her needs. Her fans have found other ways to show their support, such as liking her Facebook page.

Her ever-growing popularity has resulted in another unique accomplishment: the cat has a book written about her. Felix The Railway Cat was published in February, and chronicles the life and adventures of this wondrous feline. The royalties from the book will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.

While every cat is special, very few can boast the exceptional achievements of Felix the Railway Cat. She not only has a job at a railway station, a large following on social media, and a boy’s name, but she even has a book available for purchase. From keeping birds at bay to helping children with special needs feel safe and comfortable, she has made an incredible impact at the station. It is safe to say that Felix’s popularity and adventures have only just begun.

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