Finding British Shorthair Breeders That You Can Trust

British Shorthair

When it comes to kittens you can’t find a more precious cat than the British Shorthair.  But just like any kitten that comes into your home you are going to want to find the right breeder.  There are many different kennels and individuals out there selling cats and kittens, but not all are created equal.  While some are very good at what they do and take pride in the animals they produce, others are in it just for the money.  When this happens the animals are often mistreated and are forced to live in tiny cages.  Often referred to as “kitten mills”, this type of animal breeder seeks to produce the most animals for the smallest amount of money. The results of these mills are often sickly animals with lots of generic problems.

How to Avoid Falling Victim of a Kitten Mill

The first sign that should send up a red flag is when the person selling the kitten won’t let you see where they are raised.  Any reputable person involved in raising kittens for profit will gladly let you see where they keep their animals.  While most are kennel kept they should have plenty of room for their animals to run around in and the facilities should be clean.

Make Sure That You Always Ask For References

Another thing you can do to protect yourself is ask for references. If the person you are dealing with can’t provide at least two references you should not do business with them.  Except if this is their first litter of kittens, they should have many happy customers.  Even if you are dealing with animals, you have to remember that this is a business and the person you are buying your kitten from should conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Try To Find British Shorthair Breeders That Raise Their Kittens in the Home

A great way to insure you are getting the best kitten is try to find British Shorthair Breeders that raise their animals in the home.  This will insure that your new kitty will be properly socialized.  When kittens are raised in kennels they often are not around many people.  This can cause them to develop behavioral problems that will be hard to break. Home raised kittens are often much better around small children and other animals.  Those kittens raised at home are also healthier because they don’t contract many of the common diseases that plague those animals that are brought up in kennels.

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