Five Awesome Beach Vacations for Cat Lovers

There are a lot of people who take their dogs with them on vacation, but it’s not as easy with your furry feline friends. More often than not, cats are not as readily accepted at resorts and because of their small size and tendency to run away when frightened, they’re better off in a safe location at home under the care of a fellow cat lover. If you need to have a feline fix when you’re on vacation, we have some destinations that will satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling less lonely when you’re away from your beloved pet.

1. Key West, Florida

Taking a trip to Key West Florida will put you in the proximity of the famed Ernest Hemingway’s six-toed cats. They’re referred to as polydactyls and there are between 40 and 50 of them roaming around the property that was his in Key West. It’s been turned into a museum and there you can learn all about how a ship’s captain bestowed the gift of his first polydactyl feline upon him. Her name was Snow White and her descendants remain on the property to this day. The museum is also one of the more prolific tourist attractions in Key West and its absolutely a must see for all cat lovers spending time in the area. While you’re there, make sure that you catch a Dominique Lefort show at sunset with his famous flying house cats. He’s a cat trainer and the things that his kitties can do will simply amaze you. It may give you some great ideas to take back home and try with your own cat.

2. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

A vacation in Puerto Rico at Old San Jan is ideal for cat lovers because you get a twofer when you visit. The city itself is picturesque and rich in history, but did you know that cats hold an important position in the culture and identity of the city? They served an important purpose in history as the region was overrun with disease-causing rats. The cats were brought to the city to control the rat population. To this day, you can observe feral cats wherever you go down the lovely cobblestone streets. They’re still doing their jobs to keep the city rat-free. If you’re so inclined, you can even donate some of your time as a volunteer for Old San Juan’s Save a Gato organization. Their goals are to provide food and care for the extreme population of feral cats that live within the city.

3. San Francisco, California

If your trip is to San Francisco, then you’ll be thrilled with Cat Town. You can get your daily dose of kitty by visiting the Oakland KitTea cafe which is located downtown. It’s worth the trip if you’re anywhere close. You can get your snuggle on with babies that are available for adoption and you can learn more about ats at the Cat Museum that offers some fascinating facts about the relationship that people and cats now share and how their connection to one another has evolved over time.

4. Seattle, Washington

If you want to vacation at a destination that will welcome your cat along with you and your family, then Seattle Washington is the home of the Kimpton Alexis Hotel, where cats are not only allowed, but they are welcome. They even offer kitty litter boxes, scratching posts and beds to make your kitty’s stay with them as special as yours is. The hotel sponsors a wine hour each night and you’re welcome to bring your kitty along with you. Seattle is also famous for its cat cafes that cater to cat lovers and you’ll also need to check out their Seattle Meowtropolitan to enjoy a wonderful Catpuccino beverage.

5. Tampa, Florida

Tampa is the place to go if you are a lover of big cats and small. The city is the home of the Big Cat Rescue which is a sanctuary that provides shelter, food, and care for big cats that have been abandoned or abused. There are dozens of cougars, bobcats, tigers, and lions in residence there. You’ll need to purchase a ticket to enjoy spending time with these big cats, but it’s well worth the cost and the money goes towards the care and nurturing of the cats. Premium tours are available to let you see how these big cats eat and play.

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