Five Common Cat Noises and What they Mean


When it comes to felines you probably know they can be very vocal.  While some breeds are more talkative than others, every breed makes some type of sound.  But what is all this chattering about?  Is it mindless babble or does it have a deeper meaning?  These are the questions that many cat owners ask themselves.  The truth is, we might not always know what our animals are saying but there are some things we can look for that actually has real meaning.  So today we are going to take a look at several Cat Noises and what they mean.

The meow, this is probably the most recognized sound your animal will make.  If you have ever seen a kitten looking for its mother, you have probably heard them meow almost uncontrollably.  When kittens are born they not only are blind but they can’t hear very well.  So meowing is a way to attract the mother and let them know that they need them.

The Purr, this sound is often thought to be a sign of affection by the animal.  While this can be the case, purring is also used to comfort the animal when sick or injured.  Some experts even believe that this purring sound acts to help heal the animal more quickly.  Purring can be smoothing even for the owners of these amazing animals.

The growl, this distinct sound will never go unlooked by anyone who has ever heard it.  Growling is a defensive mechanism that is used as a warning to others to stay away.  These animals try to avoid confrontation especially when faced with a much larger aggressor such as a dog.  So instead of charging in, they often try to make themselves look bigger by letting out a fierce growl.

Chattering, when you hear this sound often times you want to laugh because it sounds so strange.  But chattering is a way to show excitement.  Most times when the animal starts to chatter they are looking out a window at a prey animal such as a bird.  Because they can’t attack them or get outside they often chatter instead.

The wail, if you have ever left you pet locked in a cage overnight you probably know this sound all too well.  When a feline wails they are trying to get your attention.  This loud and often bothersome sound has kept many people up at night. Many believe this a sign that the animal is lonely and wants to be with its owner.

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