Five Books For Cat Lovers to Check out in 2019

Every new year brings out the desire to read something different. Whether it’s a picture book to read along with the youngest new reader or a new literary must-have, these five books are recently published, or will be later this year. Here are five good books for cat lovers to satisfy the anticipation of curling up with that favorite feline and enjoying a nice new book.

1. There are No Bears in This Bakery

The hardcover was released on January 8, 2019. This is a wonderful tale told by New York Times bestselling author Julia Sarcone-Roach. The forty-page book is designed for the youngest readers ages four to eight. It’s the story of Muffin, the tough cat with the detective job. She’s supposed to keep bears out of the bakery. Muffin is a strong kitty, but she’s also a kitty with a heart. When a sweet, but hungry bear comes to the bakery, Muffin shows her kitty compassion sharing some donuts and sprinkles. It’s an appealing story filled with sweet sympathy and pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile. Yahoo! Lifestyle voted the book as one of The 10 Best New Children’s Books and Brightly named it as one of The Most Exciting Picture Books of 2019. Julia Sarcone-Roach was a student of animation and film at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her film “Call of the Wild” is an award-winner which has been aired around the world at various film festivals.

2. Sea Sirens

Written by Amy Chu and illustrated by Janet K. Lee, this is the story of Trot and Cap’n Bill. Trot is a girl and Cap’n Bill is her talking, and annoying, cat. The book is the first in a series drawing from Vietnamese legends and it features strong characters. It’s described as being inspired by a love for L. Frank Baum’s works. Trot and Cap’n Bill become part of an undersea war where sea creatures are the warriors. The book is designed for middle grade Tween readers ages 9 to 12. The book will be on sale starting June 11, 2019.

3. No Escape Claws

Cozy Mysteries are those which feature cats who solve crimes and they are all the rage right now. There are literally hundreds of them, and they are loads of fun. No Escape Claws was just released on January 29, 2019. It’s the sixth in the Second Chance Cat mystery series by New York Times Best Selling Author Sofie Ryan. Set in North Harbor, Maine, Sarah Grayson and her cat Elvis have the chance to solve another delightful mystery. The story revolves around Mallory Pearson’s father who’s in jail, and Mallory believes that he did not commit the crime which put him there. It’s Elvis and Sarah’s job to unravel the details of the house fire which killed Mallory’s stepmother.

4. How to Argue with a Cat: A Human’s Guide to the Art of Persuasion

Author Jay Heinrichs was already a New York Times best seller before How to Argue with a Cat was published this past year in June in the US and then internationally. Heinrichs wrote Thank You for Arguing. His book is in the top ten books used at Harvard and it’s been translated into 14 languages for publishing. Heinrichs is a named Professor of the Practice of Rhetoric and Oratory at Middlebury College. He’s an expert on the art of persuasion, and he used what he knows about rhetoric to create this decidedly humorous one about successfully arguing with cats. The book has become so popular that schools in America have requested copies to use when introducing their students to the traditional art of rhetoric which was originally a linguistic tool used by Aristotle. Rhetoric used well allows speakers to navigate gracefully through uncomfortable discussions, be aware of political manipulations and gives skills for evaluating difficult discussions while in them. Now, Heinrichs book about using rhetoric with cats has become a best seller, and it’s a delightful and clever read.

5. Walter Chandoha’s Book of Kittens and Cats

Chandoha died this January 11, 2019. He was 98, and over the course of his career as a photographer he had taken 90,000 photographs of cats. Walter’s daughter, Chiara, told The Bulletin that he died at home in Annandale, New Jersey, where tabby-cat Maddie, his last one, was his constant companion. But Chandoha’s extraordinary career all began when he rescued a gray kitten from a snowy winter evening on his way home to his apartment. He put the shivering kitten into his Army coat pocket and brought it home. He and Maria, his wife, named the kitten Loco after seeing the crazy races Loco ran throughout the apartment every night. Chandoha started to take photos of Loco during his kitty escapades and he sold those photos to magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Chandola thought he would go into advertising after graduating from New York University, but those photos of Loco sent Chandola down another road. His cat photos appeared on dozens of brands of cat foods, such as Puss ’n Boots, in books and calendars, and in prestigious and popular National Geographic and Life magazines. Maria served as cat handler for his photo shoots, which often featured kittens and cats from the ASPCA. Because this book was published in 1963, it’s highly possible that many current cat fanciers may have missed it, and it’s well worth a long look.

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