How to Choose a Reputable Egyptian Mau Breeder and Cattery

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Finding the perfect cat is not often something people put much thought into. Unlike looking for the perfect dog for your household and family, most people assume that all cats are the same and forget that they need to do their research on them before bringing one home. Perhaps the reason for this is that people are far less concerned with breed when it comes to cats, and they’re far more concerned with other factors, such as the look and style of the cat, or the overall appearance of the cat. Cats aren’t difficult to find, and most people just pick the cutest one of the bunch.

Believe it or not, however, cats are very different when you get to choosing from the different breeds. They’re not all the same, and some make much better family pets than others. The Egyptian Mau, for example, is a wonderful example of a great family cat, and it’s also a wonderful example of the kind of cat most people didn’t even know existed. Go ahead and admit that this might be the first time you’ve heard of this particular breed.

What makes this cat so good with families is its temperament. It’s a sweet cat with a good, relaxed personality and a very laid-back attitude. This is a cat that loves kids and other animals, loves affection and loves to play. It’s a medium-size cat that might get as big as 9 pounds or even a little larger. It’s one that’s special because it’s the only cat breed in the world that has natural spots (only natural house cat breed, we should mention). It’s thought that the Egyptian Mau descends from the African Wild Cat, which could explain why it’s well-known that this cat can run as quickly as 30 miles per hour.

We should mention, however, that this is not the cat you want if you’re looking for a cat that doesn’t like to climb. With legs often described as springs, the Egyptian Mau is one that has a great affinity for jumping to exceptionally high places, and it’s not afraid to make itself at home on top of your furniture, cabinets or even plant shelves at home. If you’re convinced that an Egyptian Mau is for you, we have to suggest the proper way to go about getting one. This is not a cat you’re likely to find hanging out at the local cat shelter. You need to know where to look and what to look for in a breeder.

Finding a Breeder

According to veterinarians, finding a cat like this to call your own requires as much research as buying a new car. Since it’s an expensive cat, you want to make sure you’re not paying for one that is not perfect. Since repairs on a car can be easily made, repairs on a cat are a bit different considering it is a living creature. You’re going to want to utilize as many resources as you can when it comes to finding good breeders. Start with the Cat Fanciers Association, as they can provide you with a list of reputable and well-known breeders from which to choose.

There are a few things you should know about your breeder, as well. If your breeder does not raise his or her kittens in the home, do not purchase one. These are animals that require constant human interaction or they will become a skittish. A skittish, scared kitten does not make for a good pet, and you’re not spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an animal that wants nothing to do with you.

Additionally, be sure you ask the breeder if he or she adheres to the code of ethics required by cat associations. A good breeder will answer yes without hesitation, a breeder who is not in the game for the right reasons likely has no idea that there is a code of ethics, and their hesitation or confusion will give you a good indication that it’s time to go – without a kitten.

Breeder Red Flags

Even a trusted and reputable breeder listed with the CFA can go rogue at any point. For this reason, it pays to be careful. If you go to a breeder’s home and things don’t seem right, go with your gut. Additionally, you should never do business with a breeder who always has a cat of this nature available. If there are multiple litters and several different kittens available for sale every time you check out the breeder, it could indicate improper breeding practices. You want to avoid this. You also want to avoid adopting a kitten the first chance you get when it means not having enough time to do your research.

Healthy catteries are difficult to distinguish from unhealthy ones at times. You want to have all the time in the world to check them out. A breeder who tells you have to buy today or risk missing out and becomes impatient with you when you don’t make an immediate decision can be another red flag. You want a breeder who understands that this is an expensive cat, an investment into your family, and that you want to make the right decision. You might have to wait a few months before you find a kitten to adopt.

Look out for breeders who do not have their kittens fixed. Reputable breeders do this so as not to have their kittens running around having litters of their own, inbreeding or even having non-purebred litters. A good breeder will have plenty of information from the vet and have the kittens all spayed or neutered so that you can’t profit from their business. Breeders not interested in doing this are questionable – at best.

Choosing the right Egyptian Mau is a little time-consuming, but it’s not something you should rush. This cat is one that will be part of your family for many, many years. You want to find one that’s healthy, bred well and not at risk because of improper breeding practices. Use these tips to find the right cat for your family.

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