10 Great Names for Male Siamese Cats


Siamese cats have unique features that make them the most attractive to keep as pets. They have long triangular heads with long, straight noses. Additionally, they have slender bodies and blue eyes. The other notable feature is the black mask on its face. The dark mark is due to a gene mutation that affects enzymes that control the fur’s color.

Besides being cute, they are also very intelligent. That means you can train them to walk on a lead or give you a high five. Additionally, it is very affectionate and desires human company at all times. Seeing how great it is to own a Siamese cat, you probably want to own one. In particular, you may want to adopt a male Siamese cat. After adopting a male Siamese cat, you now have the task of naming it. Are you having trouble coming up with names for your male Siamese cat? Here are ten names to consider.

10. Sapphire

One of the first things you notice when you look at the cat is its blue eyes. Therefore, it makes sense to name a cat based on an object that is blue, like its eyes. A good example to use is sapphire, which is generally blue. However, sapphire can also be red or yellow. According to Web Exhibits, the gemstone’s blue color is due to the addition of titanium and iron. Also, sapphire is a mineral that is associated with wisdom. Ancient Greeks believed the gemstone activates wisdom by activating the third eye chakra. As mentioned earlier, this cat is intelligent, making this name a good fit since it can be wise.

9. Roo

If you grew up watching Winnie the Pooh, you are probably familiar with Roo. Roo is a character from the cartoon who happens to be a stuffed joey. He is playful like Tigger, which explains why they are best friends. Another notable trait of Roo is his love for adventure. Incidentally, Siamese cats are playful and adventurous. It is thus fitting for you to name your cat after the joey.

8. Bandit

You may assume that Siamese cats are non-destructive due to their cute appearance. However, do not be deceived. According to Veterinarians, they can become destructive after being left for too long at home. Since this is a behavior it may occasionally exhibit, Bandit is a fitting name. Additionally, the cat is also quite mischievous. You may occasionally discover that your child’s toys are missing, thanks to the cat.

7. Adonis

We cannot stress enough how beautiful this cat is, which is why Adonis makes for a perfect name. In Greek mythology, Adonis is a man known for being very handsome. He was so handsome that everyone desired him. That is the same thing you can say of this cat. The cat is so cute that everyone will want to pet it or adopt it.

6. Button

Have you heard of a simile that goes, “as cute as a button?” Since Siamese cats are cute, button seems like an apt name. You may be wondering why buttons are considered cute. Believe it or not, we do not know how buttons are considered cute. Also, we do not know if they are referring to shirt or remote buttons. We think they are considered cute due to their small size.

5. Ninja

Siamese cats are very athletic. They love to leap high and run far. Due to their athleticism, these cats need plenty of adequate space, like a cat tower. In popular culture, ninjas are known for their fighting skills. During their fights, they run and jump in awe-striking ways. Your cat will also impress you with its rapid movements. Also, Siamese cats sometimes attack other animals that approach their territory. They are, therefore, as defensive as ninjas.

4. Maverick

In general, Siamese cats like to do things in their own unusual way. That is in part due to their intelligence. However, their intelligence means they will occasionally exhibit stubborn behavior, especially when training them. Nonetheless, the cat will mostly respond positively to your training. When you first adopt the cat, you will not always know what temperament it will exhibit. If you suspect your cat will be rather obstinate, Maverick is a fitting name. Additionally, Maverick is an English word that sounds like a person’s name, perhaps, because it rhymes with Derek.

3. Houdini

Houdini was a magician who was known for his sensational escape acts. As long as you own a Siamese cat, it can wander off on its own since it is quite mischievous. Also, the name fits the cat due to its love of adventure. One thing to remember is that your cat wandering off is not always a good thing. Siamese cats are not exactly street-savvy. That means when it wanders off, you may print posters of your missing cats in no time. Therefore, you should not allow it to stay out before it is acquainted with its environment. By naming the cat Houdini, you will actively do what you can to prevent it from escaping.

2. Chaiya

Chaiya is a Thai name that means victory. Siamese cats can be victorious in several ways. For instance, they may successfully hunt prey. Or they may successfully learn new tricks. If you want your cat to be victorious in these areas, why not consider the Chaiya name? Who knows, the cat may end up becoming victorious. Even if it does not become victorious, Chaiya is still a catchy-sounding name.

1. Pancake

Pancake may sound amusing to some people, but hear us out. When you think of pancakes, what comes to your mind? Some will mention how sweet they are. Incidentally, Siamese cats are sweet due to their affection. Also, pancakes are soft, like a cat’s skin.


Hopefully, this article will help you choose a name for your male Siamese cat. Even if you don’t like the names from this listicle, you will at least know where to look for names. For instance, you can search for names from your favorite cartoon. In this article, we matched the names with what relates to the Siamese cat. However, you can give the cat a name that has no association with it whatsoever.

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