Here are Five Reasons Your Cat Sits on You

There are some cats with no interest in sitting on the laps of their cat owners whatsoever. In contrast, there are other cats who are perfectly content to play the role of a lap cat. To some extent, this is something that can see significant variation from cat to cat as well as from breed to breed. However, it is interesting to note that there are other factors that can play a role in feline decision-making on this particular matter. Here are five reasons that a cat might choose to sit on a cat owner:

1. Bond-Building

Sometimes, cats will seek out their cat owners for a bit of bond-building. For example, a cat might have learned from experience that their cat owner will pet them when they are curled up on said individual’s lap, which is something that some cats will seek out from time to time because they enjoy being petted under the right circumstances. Likewise, it isn’t uncommon to see cats kneading while on the laps of their cat owners, which serves as a sign of their comfort as well as a way for them to leave their scent on said individuals.

2. Sense of Comfort

With that said, cats can be motivated to sit on their cat owners’ laps for some very simple and straightforward reasons. For proof, look no further than how cats are much likelier to sit on a cat owner who is wearing some kind of clothing made out of comfortable textiles than someone who is not. This won’t work if there are other factors that encourage cats to be suspicious, but in the absence of those factors, this can be a simple but nonetheless effective solution for cat owners who want to spend more time with their cats.

3. Sense of Security

A sense of security tends to be pretty important for more complicated living beings. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that whether a cat feels safe or not can play an important role in determining whether it will sit on the cat owner’s lap or not. Due to this, cats are likelier to sit on their cat owner’s lap if they feel safer with them, which is something that can be built up over time. Moreover, it is interesting to note that cats are less likely to sit on their cat owner if said individual has been spending a lot of time with other animals with the result that they smell of them. This isn’t something that humans can pick up on, but cat senses are much sharper than human senses.

4. Sense of Warmth

Amusingly, there are plenty of cases of cats that will climb onto their cat owners because they are seeking out a source of warmth. Since humans tend to be pretty warm, this makes us a natural choice for our feline companions. With that said, this is still a significant step on the part of the cat, which is why they won’t do this unless they believe that the person who they are sitting on can be trusted.

5. Fondness

Finally, it should be noted that cats can be pretty fond of their cat owners, meaning that sitting on their laps is a way for the cats to spend more time with them. This can be seen in how cats aren’t limited to sitting on their cat owners’ laps but will also sit on things that have spent enough time in their cat owners’ presence to smell like them. Moreover, it should be mentioned that cats are perfectly capable of telling when their cat owners aren’t paying attention to them, which is why they will sometimes deliberately get in the way of whatever it is that their cat owners are doing in order to get more of their attention for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, a cat’s willingness to sit in their cat owner’s lap is something that can see incredible variation. Some cats will readily do so, whereas other cats are much more reluctant. However, there is one thing that cat owners need to remember, which is that their cats shouldn’t be forced but should instead be treated in a manner that will make them more comfortable with the prospect of being so close to their favorite humans.

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