Hospital Cat Comforts Patients in London

cat in the hospital

Being in the hospital is a scary place to be. It is the kind of place that makes you feel as if you are in some sort of trouble. You are sick, ill or injured in some way, so the trouble could be very real. It’s not a fun place to be whether you are the patient or the visitor – unless you recently had a baby or you are visiting someone who recently had a baby. It’s a beautiful place to visit when you can for a reason like that, but most people are not there for that reason. Most people are there to deal with loss, illness, sickness and even death – and it’s not fun. That’s why one London hospital uses a cat to help with their needs. They have a hospital cat by the name of Arthur.

Arthur is at the Whipps Cross Hospital several days a week. He doesn’t live there, but he visits. He actually lives nearby, but he seems to know that there are people there who could use his presence when they are worried or scared in the waiting room. He will show up, come inside and find those he feels are worried or scared and he will go out of his way to comfort them. It is the most darling situation. He is a cat that does a job that we think should be offered in more hospitals. What he does is very simple, but what he does is also very priceless. What a cool cat.

Photo by Sophie Richman  

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