Household Activities Your Cat Might be Obsessed With

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Domestic cats are generally very much in touch with their home and household activities. After all, it’s only ingrained in them while they stay at home all day, 24/7! Pets oftentimes emulate the actions of their owners, and cats are so smart that they are even better at this than any other animal. With all that time being stuck at home, felines are bound to become attached to certain activities around the house.

Here are five household activities your cat just might be obsessed with:

1. Cleaning.

If their grooming habits are any indication of how they are, you better believe that cats are quite the tidy ones. They are generally very clean beings and they like their surroundings to be that way as well. If they could reach high places, you can bet they would be up there, scrubbing and cleaning away. Making sure every nook and cranny is spotless is their prerogative, including making sure there’s no dust or dirt under every window and door.

2. Putting away groceries.

When coming back from the grocery, cats are the ideal friends. Once you put those bags down, you can bet that your cat will be perusing and going through the bags, trying to figure out where all of the items you just bought will be going.

3. Being crafty.

Whether it’s working with yarn or rolling around in glitter, cats love partaking in craft sessions. Have you ever seen a cat ignore someone who is working on a crafting project?! We didn’t think so! They would jump at the chance to roll around in fabrics, ribbon rolls, and all the construction paper and glitter pens in the world.

4. Folding laundry.

Cats may not be very good at sorting and doing laundry, but when it comes to folding it, they are more than ready for the challenge! It may be the smell of fresh laundry that we are all drawn to, or even the fact that it’s warm and needs to be put away, but felines tend to be drawn to fresh laundry.

5. Making the bed.

Pay attention the next time you make the bed. Chances are, your cat will probably have already beat you to it! Cats love beds and they love to clean, so why not combine the two?!

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images


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