How the Animal Rescue Alliance Is Giving Animals In Need One More Chance


Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Animal Rescue Alliance (TARA) exists to take in animals in need and then send them to loving homes. However, it is interesting to note that TARA stands out because it is willing to take in animals that are much harder to place in loving homes than most, whether because of their lack of appeal or because of their low chances of survival. By doing so, its members honor its namesake, Tara Nagel, a vet tech who was passionate about animal rescue but was killed in a car accident at the age of 25.

What Does TARA Do?

TARA performs two functions. First, it coordinates the efforts of its volunteers, who foster its animals at their own homes rather than at a central location. Second, it provides useful resources to those who take in its animals, thus maximizing the chances of a successful outcome. This setup is rather unusual, but based on TARA’s results, it seems clear that it has its strengths as well.

For example, having the volunteers foster the animals at their homes is not just useful for ensuring that the latter receive all of the care and attention that they need to thrive but also for understanding their personalities. In turn, this makes it that much easier for the volunteers to find people who are compatible with the animals, thus lowering the chances of a botched transition that could prove stressful for the latter. Furthermore, TARA’s continuing support is important because it ensures that new pet owners will have a source of skilled and experienced assistance when they need it. Something that is particularly important because some of TARA’s animals need even more care and attention for them to thrive, meaning that every little bit of assistance matters when it comes to the final outcome.


Why Are TARA’s Efforts So Important?

TARA is important because it makes sure that animals in need are not abandoned and forgotten, which is something that happens all too often. It is not alone in this, as shown by its core volunteers as well as all of the people who have lend it a helping hand over the course of its existence, but it stands out because it is will to take in even the animals that most people think would have no chance, which is what makes it a truly one-of-a-kind organization that deserves recognition.

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