How to Choose Cat Litter and a Cat Litter Box

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Using cat litter is always a plus because you don’t have to take your cat outside every three hours for them to go to the bathroom.  Some dog owners have even switched to the cat litter method simply because they don’t always have time to take their dog out to go to the bathroom. Cat litter is usually a great way to go but you have to know the kind to get in order to make the cat litter work for you, your cat, and your home.  When you walk through the door, you don’t want to smell the aftermath of what your cat might have done in the litter box during the day.  Not only do you need the right kind of litter, but you also need the right kind of litter box.  Different litter boxes will help control cat litter smells when the actual cat litter can’t anymore.

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You should choose a cat litter that will clump your cat’s number 1’s and number 2’s.  When the cat litter contains the formula that will clump the dumps, it will make it easier for you to clean up.  The cat litter that clumps will not only make it easier to clean up but it will stop the cat pee from spreading throughout the entire litter box.  The clumping cat litter will keep it in one place.  You should clean your cat litter at least once every two days.  Even though you clean it, that does not mean you change it.  Changing the cat litter should probably be done once a week.  It is basically all up to you when you think you should actually replace the old cat litter with the new.  I suggest that you switch the cat litter out once a week if you can.

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Choosing a kitty litter box that has a closed roof will help keep any odors from seeping out into the open.  Even though there is a roof, you still have to clean the litter box.  The smell will eventually start to leak out of the front of the cat litter box and cause some serious stinky problems.  This litter box with the opening in the front will be great for your cat to go to the bathroom in.  They will feel like they have a lot of privacy when they are going to the bathroom in the litter box.  This is very important because some cat actually won’t go to the bathroom if their are people around.  They get nervous, too!  Plus, they won’t fling cat litter all over the place if the litter box is closed.

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Finding a type of cat litter that is scented would definitely be a wise choice.  Even though you might be keeping the odors away by having the cat litter box with the roof as well as buying the clumping cat litter, you still might run into some problems.  Be prepared for them by purchasing either scented cat litter or odor-eating cat litter.  You won’t find yourself plugging your nose from the smell of the litter box if you are able to purchase cat litter that will deplete all bad odors.

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Another type of litter box that you might enjoy is one that actually cleans the number 1’s and number 2’s for you!  Eventually you will have to clean out the entire litter box, but there are litter boxes out there that automatically rake up what has been left in the cat litter.  This is definitely a cat litter box that you would want to invest in if you are very busy during the week and don’t have much time to pick up after your cat.  Being able to have the right cat litter and the right cat litter box will save you in the long run.  You will be able to find all different types of cat litter and cat litter boxes when you enter a pet store.  Now it is all about making the right decision for you, your cat, and your home!

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