How Your Cat’s Butt Gives You Clues To Their Health

It is imperative to begin this article with the WARNING: if you are eating breakfast, lunch, supper, snacking, or are feeling a bit queasy you may want to bookmark this article for a more appropriate time. The reason is, as the title of the article states, about a cat’s butt – more accurately, what emanates from a cat’s butt. Don’t worry, we understand.

Cats are lauded for their low maintenance, particularly in the area of personal hygiene. You don’t have to bathe them (actually, most cats will turn on their owner in any attempt to introduce them to the liquid) because their tongue is rough and specifically designed to not only scrub their fur but keep it looking spiffy. In a similar vein, a cat’s stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve soft bones (which is why a cat can literally eat a bird whole, feathers and all, without any digestive issues).

Given these facts, a little poop is no match for the cat’s natural biology. It is definitely one justification for not wanting your cat to lick your face for any reason, though they generally keep their tongues to themselves. But when it comes to their health, an occasional Butt Watch is not a particularly strange thing to do. In fact, presuming your cat will always be clean can pose a significant danger to their health.

One of the problems of greatest concern is when your cat has worms. You will notice “stringy thingies” hanging from their butt. Veterinarians urge owners to get the cat to the vet immediately, as this can lead to more serious long term health issues for the cat. If you can see the worms it is very likely the condition is advanced, so the longer you wait the worse it will get.

But don’t confuse “stringy thingies” with what are professionally known as dingleberries. The primary cause of dingleberries will usually show up in your cat’s litterbox in the form of diarrhea. It happens, and you need to find out the cause of the problem, but all that is required is a butt end fur trim, which can be performed by a qualified veterinarian. We cannot recommend you do this procedure yourself unless you have some experience with positive results.

This leads to the question of when – or whether – you should wipe your cat’s bottom when it has become oddly soiled. The answer is generally yes, butt you have to discover the source of the problem. Some cats get arthritic with age and can’t reach around. This is one of those times helping kitty out is just fine. On the other end, a cat who is overweight will probably have some problem reaching around, so the solution is to put them on a diet. The problem with letting them waddle around is they may not have completely cleaned themselves and leave the residue in various and unknown places in the house. This presents the possibility of making the humankind residents ill, and having them wonder what is the cause of the problem.

Bringing this to the end, cats and dogs share one problem in common when it comes to anal health – the scoot. Neither wants to use the carpet or floor as a baby wipe. The good news is that the scoot is a sign there is a health problem that needs to be addressed, so the owner doesn’t have to guess. It can be anything from a temporary case of diarrhea to swollen anal glands, so a trip to the vet is in order. It’s not for certain that the scoot is worth a video before taking them to the vet, as some people think it’s funny while others think you are being mean. If you are going to shoot a video it’s probably best to note that the video was taken immediately before you rushed them to the vet.

So we have arrived at the end of the article, hopefully without you getting nauseous. But in the service of our loyal readers we always try to provide you with the best information so you will be informed and aware of the world around you. The cat butt is not a common topic of conversation, even among cat owners. Unless there is breaking news in the world of cat butts, this will probably be the only article on this specific topic you will see for the rest of the year.

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