Four Things You Need to Know about NYC’s Cat Cafe: Meow Parlour


When it comes to being a cat lover there probably isn’t a better place for you to eat than at the Meow Parlour in New York. Located at 46 Hester Street, this newly opened cat friendly venue is a really neat place.  For those of you that are cat lovers this is one place you don’t want to miss.  Today we are going to learn four facts about this amazing new business so you will get an idea of what they do here.  So get ready to learn more about this amazing business idea.

This is New York’s First Permanent Cat Bakery

Opening in on December the 15th this bakery/cat lounge will surely become a very popular destination for the areas feline loving population. While New York laws prevent the owners of this bakery to allow the cats inside, they have an alternative location where they will serve you. Originally this bakery only catered to human clients, it will now have four legged creatures for you to enjoy via their alternative location that is connected to the bakery but separate. These cats that you will find here are rescues that otherwise would have no place to call home.

The Bakery Will Only Use Cat Friendly Ingredients

The owners of this kitty bakery have stated that they will only use cat friendly nontoxic ingredients that will be safe for both humans and cats.  This is great because there are many things that cats simply can’t eat.  So you won’t have to worry about sharing your baked good with one of the in house felines.

The Treats However Won’t Be Cat Themed

When it comes to cat themed treats you probably won’t find any here.  But the treats you can enjoy here can also be given to any feline.  Guests can enjoy normal bakery style treats.  So you can still get to enjoy your favorite type of traditional bakery treats while getting to play with some of the cutest cats in the entire city!

You Can Actually Take One of These Cats Home with You

If you fall in love with one of the cats here at Meow Parlour you can actually adopt one of them.  That’s right these cats are up for adoption.  This is a really great idea and this will definitely help reduced the homeless cat population in this area of New York. So if you are looking for a new pet, why not stop by this amazing business?

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